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Is there a way to audit activity on small instances / to get notified of reports of local users?
I just noticed that my instance lemmy.mesh.party is on the block list for lemmy.ml, which explains why I haven't been seeing any updated posts for about a month. As far as I know I haven't noticed any bad behavior in the couple default communities I created there, but there doesn't seem to be a way to check up on local user's activity elsewhere - I assume the block has to do with someone signing up and trolling, but I'm not sure how to stay in the loop so I can take action before getting blocked by other instances. Is there any way to get better visibility into this or get alerted when local users are creating reports / bans / problems for other instances?


Haha, I meant to see if Lemmur would give me an error if my instance is not federated, but it seems it just used my lemmyml login. I just set up lemmy.mesh.party. It’s kind of experimental, but it’s accessible on clearnet as well as yggdrasil.

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The screenshots look like its essentially facebook groups, which would be nice because im in a lot of facebook meme groups and havent seen any federated alternatives with a UX that i feel i could really pitch to somone deep into instagram / fb / whatsapp land.

Neat! It would be nice if they could package it for various distros, my local node / nvm setup is always in shambles and i still dont have a reliable setup for running docker containers that can directly access truenas (tried sshfs volume plugin but it would cut out and reset my apps to first run wizard).

So far my most reliable self hosted apps are just proxmox vms with apps installed from official repos.

I see it as no different than funny tik toks or instagram posts ending up on reddit. Since i dont use those services i would miss out if they werent reposted.