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Question: looking for a twitter thread about Uighur reeducation camps

I think I saw the link to a twitter thread that was “debunking” some claims about the Uighur situation in china on tankiechappo before it got banned, but I can’t find it anymore. If anyone has the link, could you please comment? Thanks…

Making science accessible usually causes more cool science stuff to be created. I wonder what Pi will be used for.

Me neither lol. I think two veins spawned next to each other.

I’m glad to see a post that’s positive about China. Most people and politicians from the West like trash-talking China for pollution, even though China is drastically improving and historically Western countries have produced more pollution than China.

I believe that it should be the West’s priority to create opportunities for affordable green power solutions in developing countries. The best scenario is if these countries mainly used solar, wind, and hydro energy, but nuclear energy would still be good.