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+1 for Keepass, excellent open source password manager

Absolutely, I play on migrating to Bitwarden this weekend, it looks like a great product.

They even have a KB article explaining how to migrate:


Not sure what you’re trying to say here. Do you use the same password for multiple sites? I have unique passwords all over the place, so trying to remember passwords without some kind of tool is impossible.

They really fucked me with this. The entire reason I migrated from Keepass last year was for the shared database on mobile and PC.

I’ve been quietly mining crypto using Nicehash for a few years now (electricity is cheap in my region, and we’re in a winter country, so it helps heat the house).

It’s a fun hobby, but I never considered it a serious investment vehicle, that’s what my index funds are for.

It’s great to see all the enthusiasm behind cryptocurrencies, but I think most people participating (me included) are more interested in the faucet of free money than the underlying technology. Anyone that spends any time learning about the tech quickly realizes that the Bitcoin project is a hot mess and the only thing it has going for it is name recognition. I don’t know when the bubble will pop, but when it does it won’t be pretty.

Love TILvids, I’ve been binge watching their back catalogue

Not possible. The equivalent on iOS would be Cydia store, which is installed as part of most jailbreaks.