Is getting f-droid on iOS even possible I know it’s not right now but if work was put into it would it be possible? Obviously this wouldn’t be able to work without a jailbreak which isn’t hard these days especially with checkm8 exploit and various other jailbreaks.


Not possible. The equivalent on iOS would be Cydia store, which is installed as part of most jailbreaks.


The F-Droid maintainers take source code for Android applications and build installable packages for Android (.apk-files), so just porting the F-Droid store to iOS wouldn’t be enough.

All the apps available through F-Droid right now, would not be installable on iOS and you would either have to port all apps individually or instead start packaging existing open-source iOS apps.

So, basically no, you can’t get it to run on iOS. You would have just about the same amount of work, if you started from scratch.

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