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So basically they found voltage-gated calcium channels in addition to the sodium channels we already knew about, but just in the cerebral cortex? I’m very confused, this type of thing is not news at all haha. I must be misunderstanding the article? Like “calcium-mediated dendritic action potentials, or dCaAPs” seems like a new term at least but not a new concept at all. I gotta be missing something. Maybe?

I’d be really interested in seeing how something like that plays out.

“That really is an astonishing find. That makes me super excited for upcoming studies on how other substances are metabolized in the brain. That could completely change how we treat illnesses, addictions, and general health problems.” is what I typed out but I don’t know enough on the topic to feel comfortable saying that without asking people to point me out where I might be wrong.

I used a knock off version of the Volta for a bit. It’s very nice to have for a desktop setup but if you move your device around often, well good luck finding the adapter. You’re gonna lose it unless your port has an iron grip

Yeah I’ve been somewhere in the Southern US where you could legally give a gun to any family member, no paperwork or anything. It was a common thing for a kid to get a .22 rifle or a 12 gauge shotgun as a birthday present or something. I’d been offered to buy a gun illegally several times from people I met working at a couple of jobs, usually people fresh out of school who just casually buy guns literally just because “Why not?” In that location, if they banned guns, it would start a civil war, no doubt about it. I’ve spoken with so many people there who would be entirely prepared to have a shootout with the police if they tried to take their guns. Kind of a scary place. I don’t personally like guns but it’s so ingrained in that culture that it was something I had no choice but to deal with. I’m very torn on gun control, and I don’t feel as though I have an opinion of any worth about it, but I figured I’d share that experience.