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I have not, I usually listen to stuff while doing other things, so I don’t concentrate as much, but I’ll try.

  1. I try to read at least like 10 minutes a day. I want to read more, and I could probably manage my time better, but that’s the minimum I try to reach. I usually just read a chapter or two of a lighter book (I’m reading V for vendetta rn) before I go to sleep. On a good day, where I remember to read beyond that I’ll read 20min-2hrs of a book.
  2. I don’t usually try to read quickly, it’s better to comprehend what you’re reading (even if you have to read some things twice). If I’m listening to an audiobook I will speed it up to 1.1-1.4 speed (depending on the recording).
  3. I often have a similar problem. My mind might go on a tangent or I might just space out for a few seconds. If it’s happening consistently I just assume I’m too tired to focus that much and try reading something lighter.

I like my pets, but I sometimes feel conflicted about giving them a bunch of meat. I think my chickens aren’t as unethical though, but taking their eggs might be.

If this were real the shark would have a whole fleet of global south countries that don’t support the sanctions behind it.

He is very proud, as Israel is one of the most successful current fascist states.

Sure, it’s a conspiracy. That doesn’t mean it’s not true. It annoys me so, that “conspiracy theories” are derided on the basis that they involve conspiracies, when there are conspiracies in reality, and such theories should be evaluated based on how much they match up to reality.

I was similar, at one point I decided to say the Wakanda pledge. I’m reminded of a Calvin and Hobbes comic where Calvin says “I pledge allegiance to queen Frag and her United state of hysteria…” and gets sent to the principals office.

I have no idea why it went sideways on Lemmygrad. It looks normal in my photo library. Edit: fixed it, not sure why cropping helped, but it did.

You’re opposed to a secular state? You think a state should only be antireligous?

I don’t know if this is the community for this. You could post it in /c/videos.

I only know English, but I’m learning Spanish, and want to learn Mandarin.

Clothes. I wore one on a hat, and another on my sweater today.

On your first point, why are the weazlys’ poor? They’ve got multiple people working similar jobs in the ministry. Why don’t they just build a new, larger house? With all that magic and land it should be easy. Maybe the mode of production is mercantilism or something? As, the only businesses or basically small. Businesses.

Meanwhile, NAFO: “we’re queer satanists, whatever the current radlib thing is.”

Of course, it came with the 🇺🇦paper and bow.

Thoughts on System of a Down?
They are at least somewhat based. ‘Prison Song’ talks about the prison industrial complex and imperialism. There are also some other songs like toxicity or protect the land that sound anti-capitalism. I also just like there music in general. Their album Hypnotize is one of my favorites overall. Unfortunately, the song of the same name seems to talk about the Tiananmen protesters in a positive light and also talks about propaganda. My inference is that they see China as an “authoritarian” (capitalist?) country. They also talk a lot about freedom or liberty which is kind of cringe. So, what do you think?

I feel like we need a philosophy memes community, I don’t know how many people would be interested, though

What philosophies do you follow?
I obviously study historical and dialectical materialism, but there are some others I’m interested in. I want to try to get into secular Buddhism, stoicism, existentialism, and maybe absurdism. Does anyone have suggestions on any of these subjects? (I’m already intending to read Simone De Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sarte, and the book ‘capitalism- it’s nature and replacement’ which is a synthesis of Marxism and Buddhism, but the author’s a bit of a leftcom)


“The ends never justify the means”
I’ve heard it many times from liberals who either mean the revolution would be more violent than our current system (it wouldn’t be), or suggesting that communists claim that we will achieve utopia if we’re just allowed to commit much brutality in the mean time (obviously false). This phrase annoys me so much, not just as a utilitarian, but also as someone who understands the meaning of words, as they are either suggesting that (in the moralistic sense) literally nothing is worth doing, ever, or that morality shouldn’t matter because everything is immoral anyway.

What’s your favorite socialist flag?
Mine’s probably Cuba 🇨🇺, with a close second of Burkina Faso 🇧🇫