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Me! I work mostly in PHP, Elixir, and Javascript. Although I dabble in a bunch of others, too.

I’ve read the first half of Crafting Interpreters and followed along in TypeScript. So far this is one of the most enjoyable programming books I’ve ever read! I highly recommend it.

Lord of the Rings Spoilers ahead…


Every time I rewatch Lord of the Rings. Just after Gandalf sacrifices himself and the the rest of the fellowship escape out of Moria. When the music starts playing and each character starts to realise what just happened. Gets me every time. Also the end of the final film.

I’m currently listening to The Flame Bearer (Last Kingdom book #10) and reading Season of Storms (The Witcher #8).

I don’t really have “favourite books” or if I did the list would be very long. Some notable ones are Name of the Wind, The First Law series, anything by Brandon Sanderson, and I recently read The Salt Path which was very good, too.

Non Fiction: Reading Rock and Roll with Ember Octane, Crafting Interpreters, and Phoenix in Action.

This sounds right up my street, thanks for sharing!