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Kizumonogatari hit its 5th anniversary last month, and to commemorate that, we’ll be publishing a weekly series of interviews. First, a lengthy conversation with its lead animators and directors about the movie’s creation, and what it’s like to work under an eccentric genius like Tatsuya Oishi. …

Maken XtoCommunismThoughts on Pol Pot

The US backed him and portrayed Vietnam as imperialists for fighting against him, so that should really tell you most (though not all) about what you need to know.

The intent of this feature is to drive greater engagement amongst our users and encourage more posts and comments across the site.

Awful. The profit motive strikes again.

Seems like it might encourage harassment of users too. I’m reading in the comments you have to opt out to a permanent “hiding” status if you don’t want your online-offline status revealed. I do hope it encourages more to delete their accounts and migrate at least.

I really enjoy Jonathan Clements and Andrew Osmond’s writings on this site. They also provide some context and usually provide some good insight on the topic they’re writing about. Not too verbose about it either. …