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So what? It’s analytics code to check the traffic of fan site. 99% percents of websites have this stuff as no one wants to work for nothing. How is it connected with tracking?

It’s good for novices, who can’t understand fast how good is their hand. But it also takes time in order to fill in all the needed information. By the way, recently I’ve found a new poker platform inside the Utopia p2p https://u.is/ They have only cash games now, but you play with their own crypto that can be mined inside the software, even if you have more or less good PC.

Some people believe that DDoS attacks can be prevented https://utopia.fans/networks/ddos-attack-what-it-is-and-how-to-trace-a-ddos-attack/ But why then even the social media giants regularly face this problem? It seems like we can do anything, but hackers also improve their skills all the time.

Nowadays, the problem of online security began to worry almost everyone https://utopia.fans/security/protected-internet-stay-save-online/ and I think this is a very good thing. Finally, it will be possible to limit the theft of personal information and data from ordinary users.

I’ve read and watched a lot about open and closed source, found a good article today https://utopia.fans/blog/whats-the-difference-between-open-source-vs-closed-source/ But I believe that closed source is better. Ofc not many people trust in it, but I think it’s mach safer for the developers.

Yes, he is not safe at all. This is obvious, especially considering the latest news related to this. As it turned out, this application collects data like a real spy, perhaps even more than Facebook.https://utopia.fans/blog/the-myth-of-the-privacy/

Time goes by, but this messenger remains unsafe. Seems like the situation only gets worse https://utopia.fans/blog/is-whatsapp-safe-and-secure/ But it remains one of the most popular messengers worldwide, no matter there are more secure alternatives to it. People have to learn that online privacy matters.

For sure, everything needs censorship, but sometimes it goes crazy. That’s why there’s dark tiktok and else. I’ve found many useful info on the topic here https://utopia.fans/blog/biggest-pros-and-cons-of-social-media-censorship/ But I love social media like Twitter. You can not watch some content if you don’t want, but anyone can post everything there. We need to have some freedom at least online.

Have you ever thought of the difference between a dark web and deep web? I’ve understood the difference recently by reading that https://utopia.fans/blog/dark-web-vs-deep-web-what-is-each-and-how-do-they-work/ But to tell the truth, I’m still afraid of spending much time there as I can get into some problems. So be careful,guys :)

Seems like cyber threat is a great problem as I’ve find many similar articles like that https://utopia.fans/blog/cyber-threats/ when I decided to learn the question. Now it seems that the easiest way to avoid that is using a fully encrypted soft. As I’m too tired seeing how my data is attacked and stolen. Big corporations don’t do much in order to save their users and we have to be responsible on our own.

Today, data is being stolen on a massive scale to either sell it or use it for illegal earnings. Typically, hackers seek to gain access to those user data that is tied to bank accounts, bank cards or other important documents, such as a passport, driver’s license, medical insurance, etc. I am very concerned about this after reading this article https://utopia.fans/blog/why-do-cyber-criminals-want-to-get-into-your-inbox/

Data security is of a big importance nowadays, especially as a great amount of businesses were based online https://utopia.fans/blog/the-biggest-data-privacy-risks-for-any-business-in-2020/ And if no security will be provided, you can simply lose your business as the website will be hacked and data will be stolen. If you deal with online payments - it will be a total disaster. So we have to be more smart in the questions of online security.

On my own experience, it seems that any password can be hacked nowadays, no matter how strong it is. But if you simply don’t want your relatives or friends to hack any of your account - it would be easy. I laughed a lot about the funny passwords ever found https://utopia.fans/blog/funny-passwords-ever-hacked/ But now it became much easier to generate a strong password. Don’t forget to save it some secured place.

Zero Trust means a complete lack of trust in anyone - even users within the perimeter. The model implies that each user or device must confirm their data each time they request access to a resource inside or outside the network.

The Zero Trust concept evolved into a holistic approach to cybersecurity that includes several technologies and processes. The goal of the “zero confidence” model is to protect the company from modern threats in the field of cybersecurity and data leakage, while also achieving compliance with legislative standards for data protection and security.

You can find more interesting facts about it here: https://utopia.fans/blog/modern-times-security-whats-zero-trust-model/

It seems to me that it’s easy to find the right secured app than thinking of tens of ways you have to follow in order to stay secure. Check out here https://utopia.fans/blog/choosing-the-best-data-privacy-tool/ For sure you need to know a lot about security in order not to get in a trap or scammy app, but anyway, then you could use it and be calm.

I’ve seen many of those, thinking that decentralization doesn’t mean security, and what’s the point preferring it to a usual centralized apps. Here’s why https://utopia.fans/blog/centralized-vs-decentralized-network-whats-better-for-your-security/ As for me, I prefer decentralization as I don’t want all my data to be stored on any server. There were numerous cases, when big corporations lost some of their data and it’s not a final. Smart developers already run so many good apps that can save you online, why not using it?

Well, we can analyze this situation as an example of any Internet user: By registering on sites or in applications, we do not hesitate to accept the conditions, I think we do not even read them. At the same time we give corporations access to our personal data and information, such as IP address, password, email and much more. And companies profit from our data. You can read more about it here https://utopia.fans/blog/the-social-media-giants-age-how-your-data-makes-them-money/ . But in general, over the past couple of years, I began to pay great attention to the security of personal data.

It is worth paying attention to data security and taking all possible measures, because too many corporations collect our personal data and make money from it. More about all of these concepts can be found here https://utopia.fans/blog/data-privacy-vs-data-protection-whats-the-difference/ . Because you can inadvertently get confused in the difference between the concepts of privacy, data protection and even more so information security.

As I know, many don’t really care about their privacy and security. Many also don’t believe that it can be reached online. But I prefer to care about my online privacy and here are the main reasons for that https://utopia.fans/privacy/5-reasons-why-online-privacy-matters/ It’s not too simple to provide any kind of privacy for ourselves, but following few steps can ease and protect your being online

Have you ever heard any myths about privacy like its shown here https://utopia.fans/blog/the-myth-of-the-privacy/? I kindly believe that none of the big corporations provide any privacy to users. Almost all our data is collected and then sold - it’s their way of earning good money on users information.