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I’ve heard of that! I was told it takes a long time, that was honestly enough to discourage me.

I grew up extremely curious of computers and technology in general, but none of the adults in my life had the same passion or education to guide me. Every time I tried to get into programming as a teenager on windows I would fall flat on my face as I found the process of simply setting up a dev environment disorienting. As we had a family computer, heavy tinkering was explicitly forbidden. If only someone could have shown me how to install a virtual machine and start toying around in a GNU shell!

I make it the night before so I can put it in the fridge and for my brother and I to drink cool in the morning. I throw a couple ice cubes in there and a splash of vanilla. Too damn hot right now to do a steaming cup!

Rock and Roll McDonald’s

Political parties!

This is the first I’ve heard of ``Windows S’’ - of course they would. I’ve only used Windows as a second OS to game since 2013 so my heads been out of the Windows world but the continuing trend that I see with users is things are getting much easier, but your freedoms only go as far as your wallet.

Is anyone else reminded of the early 2000s internet with the state of Peertube instances these days? Like, obviously our technology is far more matured but when it comes to moderation and (lack of) recommendations it feels like I’m on early YouTube or Google Video for those who remember that. Most of my IRL friends don’t care for it, but I’m amazed how far these projects have come in such little time and how much opportunity there is to properly build community this time.

With the unreal engine source code open to the public I always wanted to think of Epic as the good guys. These kinda of things always seems to happen with game companies though. I don’t think the problem is going to stop until people refuse to buy games from companies they don’t like.

Had to check out the link because of your comment, was not disappointed!

Once he threw on the MAGA hat and said slavery was a choice I decided I wasn’t going to listen to his new music. Now I don’t even want to listen to his old jams or anything featuring him. We should all let this goblin fade into obscurity.