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Immediatly fell in love with this band. Such a great album. Vocal performance, musical composition and production are all perfect for my taste…

Ah almost forgot about SexualLobster. Thanks for the reminder.

Strongly agreeing with stuff there I know of. Was considering Afsky for my list too, but it didnt grip me that much personally

This is a follow up to my previous post on the AOTY contenders. Top 3 albums in order are …

“The experimentor is unnecessary” <-- Freudian slip right there…

To top it all off, Satanachia had Covid during Steelchaos 2020 livestream and performed from the backstage room while the band stood awkwardly on stage https://youtu.be/ALRkE1f0mt8

Soon after this legendary performance they’ve been invited to finnish mtv, and played in the background while the hosts had some sausages https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cMGX9LGWgw

Clear winner without a doubt. Video has 1.7 million views by now :D…

Atmospheric (Post) Black Metal from India…


Won’t even notice the linux related bugs among all the other bugs

For the coming years I doubt it. These research systems so far can only demonstrate some benchmarks according to which “Quantum Supremacy” is achievable in principle. I think a popular science article would mention the encryption breaking part explicitly. I don’t know what the current state of the art is, but if an article mentions something in relation to “Shor’s algorithm” then pre quantum encryption would be pretty much about to die.

Hello lemmy metal community. I’d like to start the extension of my fediverse persona to this site (you may know me from metalhead.club) by my top 2020 album list. It’s very heavy on the black metal side of things. …

I don’t know if it can, but in an ideal world it or some other unmanaged language with high level features should. The world is polluted by too much managed code that draws too much power unnecessarily if it’s used more often than what development time went in.