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They feel that Free Software Foundation projects should be made available via free software. I agree.

Free software is pretty fundamental to the Free Software Foundation, as in, like its whole underpinning ethos and reason for existing.

Having to go through proprietary systems to get downloads from the Free Software Foundation is like having to download iOS apps from the Google Play store. It’s inconsistent and makes no sense.

That was the bump I needed to get a channel setup and start posting. Only two videos so far, but I have big plans.


This channel is going to be all about libre creative software. How to use it and why.

I might try to self host at some point so I can have 4k videos, but this is a good start.

I want to be a part of communities made for and by those communities. Not platforms made to data harvest and control communities.

Agreed. It’s not Jraphical.

Although, given Facebook just paid $400 million to buy Giphy, so they’re pretty much alive and kicking thanks to social media and chat apps.