"A large part of this “loss of integrity” is simply a lack of desire to resist competition, or even recognize the nature of the threat."

I’m going to be completely honest I’m not sure what exactly this person is upset about


They feel that Free Software Foundation projects should be made available via free software. I agree.

Free software is pretty fundamental to the Free Software Foundation, as in, like its whole underpinning ethos and reason for existing.

Having to go through proprietary systems to get downloads from the Free Software Foundation is like having to download iOS apps from the Google Play store. It’s inconsistent and makes no sense.


Oh ok I see


That website looks like it’s still being hosted on geocities. And what the hell is with all the hyperbole?

And for users to be programatically redirected away from the GNU site to the Microsoft site is ethically criminal, and foreboding institutional death.

Not saying that it’s wrong, but crime and death? Really?

EDIT: Used double negatives by mistake in the last sentence.


oh my god, you should’ve seen their reaction to stallman’s resignation. it was fucking crazy! like I’m a stallman stan, but even I think it was way too much.

they also threw a hugee hyperbolic fit with linux’es CoC change last year. just a crazy website.


You are putting all of their authors in one corner. I am not a big fan of their website but this post was first of all a guest post, and I thought that the content certainly deserved attention because GNU used to be independent, with their Savannah code platform. Apart from that some of their posts make a lot of sense. For example the fact that Linux news on Softpedia is lately very often about Microsoft Windows WSL Linux. https://news.softpedia.com/cat/Linux/. Linux users could ask the question at which point Microsoft vs. Linux is in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embrace%2C_extend_and_extinguish saga.


I ended up having to look up the article you mentioned using en external search engine. The website’s own search function doesn not seem to work. Wonderful.

And yeah, it’s just as bad as you mentioned. Yikes. It starts off like ravings of a madman and eventually devolves further into a strawman argument saying how Bill Gates should have been ousted from Microsoft instead, like that has anything to do with the subject matter. This is subpar writing at best.


i don’t think the author understands how Github is just a convenience layer on top of Git, and how easy it would be to move these projects off of Github.

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