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If you know someone’s doing some sketchy stuff, you can probably incriminate them without having to seize the device/data and bruteforce the encryption

Christmas, but only because of the snow ❄️

when you open a webpage in ‘reader’ mode, press on the firefox menu button in the toolbar, there should be an option called ‘Customize reader view’. It only appears if you have reader view open for some reason

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Any examples? I’m not familiar with what an AMA video looks like

Yes, probably very similar info to what reddit collects.

To mask your location, a VPN is OK as long as the provider is trustworthy.

For Android, you could also use Fritter from F-Droid, which doesn’t require a Twitter account

Encantado compadre, en una de esas partimos una comundad para los chilenos de Lemmy…

Don’t worry! They’ve added 20 cameras, 2 radars and a buttload of sensors so you don’t run over somebody’s dog or something.

Twitter still knows who you follow and can track the interests of that account. They may also get your approx. location based on your IP address.

To increase privacy, don’t use your real name or main email address to create the account.

Keep working and you’ll be able to buy a guacamole toast once in a while!

What do you think should come out of this? I ask because I haven’t heard many about should be done about this

*fall for the rest of his life

Unlike APKs, Android App Bundles cannot exist outside of Google Play and cannot be distributed outside of it.

can’t see how that would help f-droid unfortunately

Unless I’m missing something, Canada isn’t currently re-educating minorities at the moment. Although natives aren’t really treated very well by the government

I hope that the tablet focused UI will also make it to Android tablets

Notepad++ v8 release
Native dark mode implemented in this release!

In the 2nd paragraph:

But it plans to retain the blocking webRequest API that’s among the most consequential casualties of the technical transition in Firefox, at least until there’s a replacement more suitable to the web community than Google’s alternative, declarativeNetRequest (DNR).


SQL injection attack, smh