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they knew that if they did, the antitrust lawsuit was just around the corner… /s

Between the China controversy, poor community support and lower quality products (warcraft reforged anyone?), not really surprised

Even the state of the product has gone down lately. I somewhat regularly find half-spoiled vegetables in pre-packaged packs

The abundant snow in the winter and the peace and quiet of a small town

I genuinely want to know who wants to buy a vehicle with Bitcoin. It sounds to me like buying a car with gold or silver. Sure, you can if the other party accepts the payment, but why would you want to pay with something that will keep its value better than the object you’re buying?

free beer but paid access to toilets

He’s clearly looking away in the 1st image though…

I read an article about content moderators for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the consequences seeing that much horrible content on their lives.

I can’t imagine being in their place

I’m still on reddit, but I like that there’s no karma farming on lemmy 🙂

your Github page is a no. 1 New York Times best seller?


I’d rather have Mozilla show real numbers and publicise those results than just pushing to make people believe Firefox is faster

Hard disagree. The strength of the Arch wiki and Wikipedia is their content, not how they are (supposedly) organized. People are more likely to write good documentation (IMO) if they like what they are documentation.

laughs in born in 1900

I used to like watching the world cup, but in recent years FIFA has made it clear its just after the money.

Qatar is in no way an adequate country to host a world cup, and this exploitation of immigrants is just another proof of that

Chrome OS has become a Frankenstein monster. Google keeps packing more and more stuff in via virtualization, and I wonder how they’ll manage it in the long term (Google and long term seem to be very distant currently). Not a fan of this development method.

Wonder if any currently available and in use Chromebooks could run the average steam game, and wether it means that OEMs start caring about graphics for Chromebooks

Good list. I like having a separate music app, but VLC can do it well enough that I don’t mind

SQL injection attack, smh…