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ElbullazultoMemesWork ethic

Keep working and you’ll be able to buy a guacamole toast once in a while!

What do you think should come out of this? I ask because I haven’t heard many about should be done about this


*fall for the rest of his life

Unlike APKs, Android App Bundles cannot exist outside of Google Play and cannot be distributed outside of it.

can’t see how that would help f-droid unfortunately

Unless I’m missing something, Canada isn’t currently re-educating minorities at the moment. Although natives aren’t really treated very well by the government

I hope that the tablet focused UI will also make it to Android tablets

Notepad++ v8 release

Native dark mode implemented in this release!..

In the 2nd paragraph:

But it plans to retain the blocking webRequest API that’s among the most consequential casualties of the technical transition in Firefox, at least until there’s a replacement more suitable to the web community than Google’s alternative, declarativeNetRequest (DNR).

Mozilla keeps up with Google’s spec to reduce the amount of work to adapt extensions to work on Firefox. Google changed their spec and Mozilla is following it minus the ad block nerf. How is that supposed to make money for Google?


Found out you can edit the taskbar opacity with open shell, and it ended up looking pretty good!..


Run IDEs or GUI tools in Linux not available on Windows? Probably some research tools or uncommon software

If it happens, hopefully game devs will allow users to run their games on Linux

They also warn before opening a youtube link, my guess is they don’t request any youtube data before you actually open the link. I assume it’s for privacy reasons

I kind of like it now, just had to enable the compact mode to use less space

I’d probably use Fennec if there was a Nightly version

they knew that if they did, the antitrust lawsuit was just around the corner… /s

Between the China controversy, poor community support and lower quality products (warcraft reforged anyone?), not really surprised

Even the state of the product has gone down lately. I somewhat regularly find half-spoiled vegetables in pre-packaged packs


SQL injection attack, smh…