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It’s called cryptoidiocy here in the thread (after your comment) but the better way is actually the crypto concept of DAO: Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.

It’s a bit weird to see crypto, of which one of the fundamentals is being decentralised, being called idiocy on a forum which wants to be decentralised…

When a topic loads, it’s fast indeed. But my visit this evening started with topics not loading at all (kept seeing a circling circle in each of my tabs in which I opened topics). Upon reloading the page, the topics actually loaded.

I’m running Firefox 77.0.1 on Windows 10

They do. And slave basically has only one meaning and should be banned, also from technology. But master has a lot of different meanings, and it is ridiculous to ban it. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/master

I don’t know if it makes sense. I’d have expected some uproar about it if it would be the case, but I don’t exclude the possibility of a Go compiler to check in with Google when compiling and building. So yeah, if it doesn’t do that, we don’t have to dismiss projects in Go, but if it is, I definitely think we should dismiss projects build in Go. But I haven’t checked yet (not sure how I can do that) so at the moment I don’t know.

Just to get it clear for myself how strict we’re going to be with degoogling and all. The fact that codeberg is written in the Go Language, which is created by Google, does not go against ReverseEagle?