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I totally misread the title as “My boss enjoying the spring weather.” That’s probably still accurate though.

I purposely try to sneak in one bad label when doing captchas, for instance, I’ll click all the tractors and one car. If I’m not getting paid to train the AI, then don’t expect me to care.

It’s pretty during the spring and summer months and Mt. Rainier is within view, which is also pretty.

…when people say excape instead of escape.

Why not just use self-driving cars instead? Oh yeah, you still gotta pay some bum to leave everybody’s packages where somebody can steal them.

Seriously though, this creeps me out pretty hardcore.

I love this joke but am sad at the limited audience of people I could actually tell it to.

I have a note 10+ and I like the stylus, but it’s a “meh” nice to have feature.