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LMFAO as a woman that title hits. TBH a lot of these men are like that because they are sheltered and brain broken by algorithms pushing conservative propaganda.

Wow, that is awful. Nothing else to say there. Thank you for your response!

What is the worst thing your boss has ever done to you?
Basically, what your boss does (current or former) that you would call coercion. Things like serving food that is prepared in an unsafe manner, making you break laws with regard to environmental protection. Basically making you do things not by the book. Any other interpretation of the question is also fine :) Also things tha wouldn't fly if the workers wore the pants also applies.

FOSS is political tho. that was the original goal read stallman.org

thank you for this comment.

No, because this is now the only reason.

I regret everything I said
The real reason is people don't wanna change, or hear it. They would rather plug their ears.

I agree :) And I only say this out of love for Linux. People need to hear this.

These are issues that need to be solved.

Why the Linux Desktop will never take off
(Title Edit) So yeah, I am going to start this off saying I use Linux. I love Linux, but the community and others will not let it improve. It's time to change. Here's all the reasons I *think* Linux will never take off, don't forget that you can also add input and that I am a human being, so please don't be angry if you can help it. Just tell me your perspective. I know I will get lots of flack for this, but here we go: - Idealism, if Linux was going to take over innately it already would have - History (let's be honest it's like a discord server if it doesn't take off all at once it never will) - It's inaccessible (terminals cannot replace everything. I'm talking to you if you say "bloat") - There's only corporate funding, so they will appropriate it - We tolerate people who don't tolerate others (including the less tech-savvy) - Microsoft has way too much power (money) - Few people remember RMS started copyleft as a political goal (too many people are uncomfortable challenging their beliefs, so they want Linux to be "apolitical") - No one is doing the political organizing - Copyleft is flawed and needs to be improved (here's a template example https://thufie.lain.haus/NPL.html) [also mind you that there's a need to prevent corporate appropriation] - People worship RMS instead of realizing he alienates women, people with down syndrome, etc.

Alternatives to iFixit?
Specifically, need OEM parts (where possible) and located in the USA.

this right here is the correct answer

Go to stallman.org and type in pedophilia in the search bar

I like anything that allows for security, and I think we can use the technology for good. We should also be vigilant because it will mostly be used for bad things. And I think people generally are vigilant, but they lack understanding, and get hung up on weird things imo.

I think i have the braincells to spot a reactionary, most feminists do.

I’m not talking about phishing in wallets. im talking about signing Content ID with NFT domains which means the content directed to when you go to website.eth is exactly what was published by the owner on IPFS a decentralized filesystem. meaning the web can be peer to peer with security and bandwidth optimization in mind while also being secure.

Not convinced, lots of good points are made, but lots of misleading and biased statements as well. There are many solutions to these problems mentioned and the stuff about the ethereum hack is weird. Eth wasnt hacked, a smart contract was. 51% attacks are not common but there are ways to eliminate this, namely replacing A blockchain with a directed acyclic graph. Like this shit is so half baked that it loses all its weight. I with the author stuck to what they actuallly knew.

Like all the stuff about whales dictating voting out comes are facts. The reality of it all is that some things are true decentralization. Like the ENS and ONS being able to replace central domain autorities. Of course there is a need for governance and human oversight ( like having voting based on verified identities not $ to determine if someone is abusing the system ). It also makes phishing and MITM attacks impossible.

Can we admit where there are merits while still calling out garbage like voting with money, NFT art, blockchain games etc? Its really that simple critisize what needs the attention. I think what makes people really mad is that its capitalism. And I think people are right to be mad about it.

Mens liberation needs to be discussed regardless. Only when men talk about the damage patriarchy causes them will we come to an understanding which rids us of the sexism we were taught.

I see your preconceived notions about feminism and women seeping through. Maybe try being around feminist communities and really listening to women. When you have done that, things that you have complaints about should be taken seriously. Probably won’t be taken seriously on Reddit though, there are lots of assholes and the algorithm doesn’t help.

They are pointing out resentment to feminism is not excused because of shitty Reddit communities. (EDIT) ohh never mind i thought this was in responce to @TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.ml (EDIT)

First of all, if women were more oppressed than men, why would they commit suicide at a higher rate?

This is what-about-ism. Oppression isn’t a hierarchy, women can be oppressed more while men get discriminated against systemically in specific areas of life.

The Law

And I can agree with you that men need to be treated with compassion, this is clearly discrimination. (EDIT) Although I wish that your rhetoric here would not try to take away from women’s suffering, mainly because it’s divisive, and because it’s not necessary to point out the gender disparities. (EDIT) This belonged in the paragraph above.

I also want to touch on men being imprisoned more, it may be due to police training which makes them treat everyone as a threat. Women are seen as vulnerable (rightly so) but really every one is vulnerable to state violence. No one can get away from the state, police often behave like tyrants. We need to acknowledge that men get assaulted more, and no one deserves to have violence done against them. That being said, is there any evidence that men are equally violent to women? That would then mean men are discriminated against by police because the violent responses by police need to be disproportionate to the violence done by men.

Punishments need to be laxer as a whole, and there needs to be changes in our legal system. We have the highest prison population in the entire world, and we certainly don’t have the most people in the world.


Men are more likely to have negative health outcomes, yet they are also more likely to visit the doctor less. I would also suspect “meat is manly” sentiments to contribute. There also is a need for research to be done which explains why this happens, for us to really understand.

Hate Crimes

I often feel that a point is missed here (although I’m not saying you missed it, I just wanted to add to this), the hatred gay men get is a result of misogyny. Think about the times cis-het men say “it’s okay to be gay unless you are receiving”. Receiving is viewed as an effeminate trait. The reason it is villainized is that our society still views women as lesser and that there is something wrong with being feminine. Even sentiments like “I’m okay with gay men, just not the fa**”. Why? It’s because the men are effeminate, lesser, the same reason trans women are violently accosted. That being said, the violence against gay men is experienced by men. The violence they are subject to is also done by straight and closeted bisexual men. I am careful here to consider that the gay men are not at fault for their oppression because other men have done it to them. It just is to state that straight men need to be held accountable for homophobia because it does lead to violence against gay men and trans women.


Men work more because they are expected to be financial objects for women, these views are gross and outdated. Agreements about work conditions for men being poor and sexism creating unfair work conditions. Labor conditions as a whole are poor as well, and we need more unions, co-ops, labor laws, and enforcement of safety regulations. Men are in more dangerous jobs, and there’s really no way to hold companies accountable for what I think should be criminal. The government isn’t doing its job, and I think it’s no accident.

Nice post was a good read. Cheers!

Based as fuck underrated. Wish I had thought like this a long time ago.

Pointing out security fanfare is not an endorsement of proprietary code.

A little too late to do that, don’t you think? Everyone who didn’t care about their privacy kinda ruined that for us. Facebook is too profitable to stop right now.

No, it’s only really a tinkering tool. I prefer free as in free time, so I can actually do work.

Electrically efficient, Transactions per second, Smart Contract Affordability, Economically Efficient (transaction fee tiers rather than bidding think XMR price per TX), Utility (Think Helium, Orchid, Filecoin) instead of waste.

A lot of these responses are so incredibly privileged. Like just the idea of “investing” without any care for your own money. Just imagine wanting to prolong the slavery you experience under capitalism. The reason the system is so gross in the first place is doing this privileged shit can be the difference between working until you die and retirement. There is no “how I should” behave altruistically in a system I cannot opt out of.

0, power is not consumed by transaction, big misnomer.

Idk, this seems kinda techno-phobic. Care to substantiate any of the claims of lock in? IPFS seems to be a really resilient decentralized technology which can be freely run and make the web more decentralized, and having an ENS domain to sign the content ID makes websites unalterable without the original creator getting rid of entire classes of exploits?

Lazy criticism at best, techno-phobic anger and fear at worst. You just need to sign the content IDs with another domain NFT and it works. Content addressable web is a big leap in technology, rather than location addressable web. It’s more efficient. Although blockchains are not efficient, this isn’t going to wipe out other ways to use content ID systems. It’s only a way to create domains outside a central authority like ICANN.

The only reason this looks like techno-phobia is that there’s so much misunderstanding in general, but namely about the “append only database”. You can invalidate prior entries with each append. And this allows the entire history of the web to be stored.

EDIT: typo

Keepass, on mobile and computer. also firefox lockwise. (migrating from lockwise)

If it maintains water resistance, I prefer tool less batteries. However, that shouldn’t be a reason to have small batteries, anything less than 5000mAh released beyond 2020 is unacceptable to me.

Woah this is a mega cool concept!

I’m not against any alternative, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I doubt over 2 percent of people actually use systemd, most people on use a GUI to do everything and are unaware of systemd. Except for maybe arch users. And it’s just fixating on a part of a system that isn’t broke. Honestly it would be much nicer if that time was being spent to make linux more accessible instead of worrying about the init system.

That is literally what people could’ve said to Linus back in 1990 or the people at osdev or Tanenbaum.

And this is a false equivalency. The political structures at play are why something like linux exists in the first place. It’s to prevent corporate appropriation of computers from ruining the experience of computer users. Copyleft is a political stance. SystemD vs what ever the hip new init system becomes a special interest is largely a waste of time. I want more people using linux. I want linux to not be peaking at 2% marketshare.

As long as we have these petty inconsequential battles we will always ignore the needs of 99% of users. Most people who like the ideas, philosophy, and advocacy around linux cannot use it at work or for work. We still haven’t created a packaging standard. And no snap doesn’t count. We all operate on different library versions (ie no standard LTS model for things to “just work”).

Linux user finally connects to the internet is a meme. And it’s because we have all these petty squabbles over free vs non free drivers. I suggest we stop playing with our food. I like that there’s focus on hardening and that should be implemented into some standard. Or added as a package or script for most distros. As far as I’m concerned people when they hear about linux the sheer number of choices is fucking frustrating.

The reason we cannot have nice things in the linux community is the narcissism of small differences and why each method or way is superior.

I want people using linux. Not just tinkering with it.

What who gave you this perspective? Undeniably? No. Arguably? Yes. But really think about this fragmentation is a bad thing with some upsides or vice versa. These are just philosophical perspectives where I align with the former. I want a unified strong set of standards not a bunch of pseudo ideological, pseudo sec, “bloated” perspectives about systemd. It works well, it’s resistant to system breakage from crashing daemons, simplifies building the operating system, etc. So many people got mad about change that they decided to in my view waste their time on building an entire os for literally nothing at all. Instead of spending their time helping maintain packages in an existing distro the community spread itself too thin because they don’t like change. If it makes system builders spend less time building and users spend less time fixing random crashing daemons and system breakage I’m all for it.

Accurately named, the weird anti systemd ideology is spreading lmao.

As much as I agree I like to have her around to represent trans people. Doesn’t hurt any one to have another symbol to represent linux. I love tux and they will always be here, why not both!

depression is physical too. keeps you weak unable to stay awake.

that is all

Please stop posting half baked criticisms.
Hi I hate capitalism, also please gain a better understanding before criticizing blockchain and ledger technology. I know all the headlines are making many of you upset, but also they have lots of misinformation. I would love to read good critiques of cryptocurrency but its always ignorant in the way the right wing is ignorant about things. Think about the last time you argued with an ignorant chud. That's a lot of these posts. Rule of thumb if you don't understand what it is don't criticize it. Be angry all you want but when you do make criticisms it's important that they land. Because there is a lot of really bad garbage. There's also lots of good things like https://eva.coop/ https://yewtu.be/watch?v=_V7wThsAUs4 . Anyway I don't mean to scold too hard here. So I'm gonna provide some information. NFT: A unique indivisible asset. could be a blockchain domain like .eth .crypto etc. Could be used for ID. Could also be used for speculation. Smart contract: Lines of code used to program money, this could be used with stable coins to offer interest and replace banks. Remember there are parts of the world where banks only serve the rich. This could also be use for encrypted messaging and email. Imagine if a company had to pay transaction fees to spam you. It would stop happening. Stable coins: you know that thing no one seems to mention when they say it's too volatile to use? In general just stop grasping at straws because even the gravel institute gets it wrong here. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=0AAUrMuMPlo . Imagine throwing away credibility out of hatred and ignorance. It's very disappointing. Also mind you when payment processors shut down HRT for trans people often crypto gets used to bring life saving medicine to trans people.