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Wow, that is awful. Nothing else to say there. Thank you for your response!

What is the worst thing your boss has ever done to you?

Basically, what your boss does (current or former) that you would call coercion. Things like serving food that is prepared in an unsafe manner, making you break laws with regard to environmental protection. Basically making you do things not by the book. Any other interpretation of the question is a…

FOSS is political tho. that was the original goal read stallman.org

thank you for this comment.

No, because this is now the only reason.

I regret everything I said

The real reason is people don’t wanna change, or hear it. They would rather plug their ears…

I agree :) And I only say this out of love for Linux. People need to hear this.

These are issues that need to be solved.

Why the Linux Desktop will never take off

(Title Edit) …

Alternatives to iFixit?

Specifically, need OEM parts (where possible) and located in the USA…

Go to stallman.org and type in pedophilia in the search bar

I like anything that allows for security, and I think we can use the technology for good. We should also be vigilant because it will mostly be used for bad things. And I think people generally are vigilant, but they lack understanding, and get hung up on weird things imo.

I think i have the braincells to spot a reactionary, most feminists do.

I’m not talking about phishing in wallets. im talking about signing Content ID with NFT domains which means the content directed to when you go to website.eth is exactly what was published by the owner on IPFS a decentralized filesystem. meaning the web can be peer to peer with security and bandwidth optimization in mind while also being secure.

Not convinced, lots of good points are made, but lots of misleading and biased statements as well. There are many solutions to these problems mentioned and the stuff about the ethereum hack is weird. Eth wasnt hacked, a smart contract was. 51% attacks are not common but there are ways to eliminate this, namely replacing A blockchain with a directed acyclic graph. Like this shit is so half baked that it loses all its weight. I with the author stuck to what they actuallly knew.

Like all the stuff about whales dictating voting out comes are facts. The reality of it all is that some things are true decentralization. Like the ENS and ONS being able to replace central domain autorities. Of course there is a need for governance and human oversight ( like having voting based on verified identities not $ to determine if someone is abusing the system ). It also makes phishing and MITM attacks impossible.

Can we admit where there are merits while still calling out garbage like voting with money, NFT art, blockchain games etc? Its really that simple critisize what needs the attention. I think what makes people really mad is that its capitalism. And I think people are right to be mad about it.

Mens liberation needs to be discussed regardless. Only when men talk about the damage patriarchy causes them will we come to an understanding which rids us of the sexism we were taught.

I see your preconceived notions about feminism and women seeping through. Maybe try being around feminist communities and really listening to women. When you have done that, things that you have complaints about should be taken seriously. Probably won’t be taken seriously on Reddit though, there are lots of assholes and the algorithm doesn’t help.

Cyberfear, Disroot.org, Tutanota

that is all…

Please stop posting half baked criticisms.

Hi I hate capitalism, also please gain a better understanding before criticizing blockchain and ledger technology. I know all the headlines are making many of you upset, but also they have lots of misinformation. …