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Based as fuck underrated. Wish I had thought like this a long time ago.

Pointing out security fanfare is not an endorsement of proprietary code.

A little too late to do that, don’t you think? Everyone who didn’t care about their privacy kinda ruined that for us. Facebook is too profitable to stop right now.

No, it’s only really a tinkering tool. I prefer free as in free time, so I can actually do work.

Electrically efficient, Transactions per second, Smart Contract Affordability, Economically Efficient (transaction fee tiers rather than bidding think XMR price per TX), Utility (Think Helium, Orchid, Filecoin) instead of waste.

A lot of these responses are so incredibly privileged. Like just the idea of “investing” without any care for your own money. Just imagine wanting to prolong the slavery you experience under capitalism. The reason the system is so gross in the first place is doing this privileged shit can be the difference between working until you die and retirement. There is no “how I should” behave altruistically in a system I cannot opt out of.

Idk, this seems kinda techno-phobic. Care to substantiate any of the claims of lock in? IPFS seems to be a really resilient decentralized technology which can be freely run and make the web more decentralized, and having an ENS domain to sign the content ID makes websites unalterable without the original creator getting rid of entire classes of exploits?

Lazy criticism at best, techno-phobic anger and fear at worst. You just need to sign the content IDs with another domain NFT and it works. Content addressable web is a big leap in technology, rather than location addressable web. It’s more efficient. Although blockchains are not efficient, this isn’t going to wipe out other ways to use content ID systems. It’s only a way to create domains outside a central authority like ICANN.

The only reason this looks like techno-phobia is that there’s so much misunderstanding in general, but namely about the “append only database”. You can invalidate prior entries with each append. And this allows the entire history of the web to be stored.

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Keepass, on mobile and computer. also firefox lockwise. (migrating from lockwise)

If it maintains water resistance, I prefer tool less batteries. However, that shouldn’t be a reason to have small batteries, anything less than 5000mAh released beyond 2020 is unacceptable to me.

Woah this is a mega cool concept!

I’m not against any alternative, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I doubt over 2 percent of people actually use systemd, most people on use a GUI to do everything and are unaware of systemd. Except for maybe arch users. And it’s just fixating on a part of a system that isn’t broke. Honestly it would be much nicer if that time was being spent to make linux more accessible instead of worrying about the init system.

That is literally what people could’ve said to Linus back in 1990 or the people at osdev or Tanenbaum.

And this is a false equivalency. The political structures at play are why something like linux exists in the first place. It’s to prevent corporate appropriation of computers from ruining the experience of computer users. Copyleft is a political stance. SystemD vs what ever the hip new init system becomes a special interest is largely a waste of time. I want more people using linux. I want linux to not be peaking at 2% marketshare.

As long as we have these petty inconsequential battles we will always ignore the needs of 99% of users. Most people who like the ideas, philosophy, and advocacy around linux cannot use it at work or for work. We still haven’t created a packaging standard. And no snap doesn’t count. We all operate on different library versions (ie no standard LTS model for things to “just work”).

Linux user finally connects to the internet is a meme. And it’s because we have all these petty squabbles over free vs non free drivers. I suggest we stop playing with our food. I like that there’s focus on hardening and that should be implemented into some standard. Or added as a package or script for most distros. As far as I’m concerned people when they hear about linux the sheer number of choices is fucking frustrating.

The reason we cannot have nice things in the linux community is the narcissism of small differences and why each method or way is superior.

I want people using linux. Not just tinkering with it.

What who gave you this perspective? Undeniably? No. Arguably? Yes. But really think about this fragmentation is a bad thing with some upsides or vice versa. These are just philosophical perspectives where I align with the former. I want a unified strong set of standards not a bunch of pseudo ideological, pseudo sec, “bloated” perspectives about systemd. It works well, it’s resistant to system breakage from crashing daemons, simplifies building the operating system, etc. So many people got mad about change that they decided to in my view waste their time on building an entire os for literally nothing at all. Instead of spending their time helping maintain packages in an existing distro the community spread itself too thin because they don’t like change. If it makes system builders spend less time building and users spend less time fixing random crashing daemons and system breakage I’m all for it.

Accurately named, the weird anti systemd ideology is spreading lmao.

As much as I agree I like to have her around to represent trans people. Doesn’t hurt any one to have another symbol to represent linux. I love tux and they will always be here, why not both!

depression is physical too. keeps you weak unable to stay awake.

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Cyberfear, Disroot.org, Tutanota

that is all…

Please stop posting half baked criticisms.

Hi I hate capitalism, also please gain a better understanding before criticizing blockchain and ledger technology. I know all the headlines are making many of you upset, but also they have lots of misinformation. …