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Dont know the answer but I would try check if local files are installed correctly, search for any anomalies in steam cloud and look up in the game forums (this one the best as either the developers or the community gets a solution).

You can always disable the Safe browsing from about:config with just a few clicks. Others experiments like Pocket (I remember this had controversy) are disabled with actually one click.

uMatrix, a firewall to avoid connections from cookies,scripts,XHR,frames…

There are so many wrong things in here.

Its still better than farting in front of him

As far as I know, it is a bug of the version 0.4.1 but in F-Droid it is already updated and solved with the version 0.4.2. Check it up.

I just found this out and I am amazed how useful this can be,gotta save it. Thanks for your work!!

Well… I read it (not finished, it was boring) . They talk about CAR-T treatment (made first time by an Israeli, lol) and how it saved the life of some people but didn’t save others… I mean, it is actually impossible to reach 100% of saved people from cancer.

Despite, not having any source of the guys saved and dead, they have one article (https://www.cancer.net/blog/2017-06/asco-annual-meeting-2017-advances-immunotherapy-multiple-myeloma-and-mesothelioma-and-targeted) where they talk that CAR-T treatment may help a lot…

I understand that it is sad to see deaths even with a new and encouraging method but in this field it is so difficult to make it. Furthermore, it is just a strategy to talk about the people that dies in a hospital in China when we already know, healthcare system in US is way worse…people dying in the streets because they can’t afford their operation. This treatment may not be the best, maybe it isn’t even 100% supported in science, but this is just a try to mislead the attention not to the real problem.

How can you cure cancer TOO fast? I can’t imagine someone saying “They saved my life too fast >:(”