The BBC repeats lies about Xinjiang, China - telling a story of a woman who left her homeland and struggles to keep Uyghur culture alive in the UK. The BBC mentions UNESCO recognition and protection of Uyghur culture - but fails to mention China was the nation who nominated it to be recognized and protected in the first place! These daily videos (Monday to Friday) are published first for Platinum Sponsors and above first, then made public later on in the week. Thank you for your support and making this work possible! References: BBC - The Uyghur woman fighting to keep her culture alive - BBC News: UNESCO - Uyghur Muqam of Xinjiang: China Heritage Quarterly, Australia National University - A Tale of Two Lists: An Examination of the New Lists of Intangible Cultural Properties: The State Council, The People’s Republic of China - State Administration of Culture Heritage: CGTN - Uygur Muqam: Seeking Xinjiang's musical roots: China Academy of Art: AP - Terror & Tourism: Xinjiang eases its grip, but fear remains: Visit The New Atlas Website: Odysee (YouTube alternative): ไบรอัน แฟนคลับ (Facebook): Line Group: Telegram Group: How to Support my Work (and thank you!): Patreon: PayPal: PayPal email is PromptPay: 0851547235 Cryptocurrency Donations: Ethereum (ETH): 0xee6ed93c3adc474450011e9af22939a0b9b312c7 BitCoin (BTC): 1AfGnbmHxA6cy9YKUSxysXvpJPyecpBKrr Monero (XMR): 845TCXx3pchSBXuDL7FHG679gbWD2wkHS6MJxuq7jFVsVFj7T6xsry747uhhGZUdkaRXbbrMfo5c8RnGfzGZ13KxQUdHVLR Where to find Land Destroyer Videos if YouTube Deletes this Account: Odyssey: Bitchute: Back-up (old blog):
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