The rules are not an attack on American big tech – they are an attack on the internet, say experts.

I would say less China, more like North Korea. North Korea, as we know, has the utmost rare internet access (about $10=50 MB data) and in controlled cyber cafe outlets. Sourced from a North Korean guide woman interviewed with Daniel Dumbrill and JaYoe on YouTube.

China, while having GFW, does not simply prosecute its young citizens for using VPNs to read foreign academia and news articles and entertainment in general. Criticism is allowed by CPC in formal manner, in ways of writing letters or via the CPC workers on ground level, which can escalate complaints quickly.

BJP is straight up fascist, wanting race supremacy of upper caste Hindus. Not even North Korea has this. This was a Nazi Germany thing.


But a lot of people including supporters of BJP are starting to realize that this party is not fit for ruling and will cause more big problems in the future. Currently, the government doesn’t have anything under proper control and is ruining democracy. I hope they won’t come to power in 2024.


Trust me, a lot of chaddis are still chaddis and will stay chaddis for life because their family is of upper caste or has some Mahant of some Ashram in their family. Kangana Ranaut identifies herself as Kshatriya on Koo, everyone knows what she is doing, as a very simple example.


From what I know China doesn’t have any requirements for making posts traceable or anything like that.


China does have issues with anonymity and privacy of users in digital space. This is one thing where I cannot stand with China, despite how much I respect their policies for the proletariat and the colossal progress they are making.

It is why Tor needs an obfs4 bridge specifically for that country’s users, and why Telegram got banned in China. Reasons for Facebook (ETIM terrorism) was valid, though, as well as for Twitter (generally hateful hashtag trending).

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