Hi, Very good article, loved every links you use for source. Thank you for this job. My question is that I did not fully understand what we could do against the capitalist fist that is going to kill us, how to concretly seiez the digital means of production? Do you mean hacking corporations to destroy them? Mr Robot like?


Thanks for the kind words. It was not only me but also other people from ~fr.

If you’d like to play Mr. Robot in the hackbloc that’s a perfectly fine strategy, just be careful. I’m personally not into such things because i don’t have the knowhow and the operational security.

Personally i’m more interested in hosting cooperatives and collectivized production/learning spaces (hackerspaces). It’s a shame it’s so hard even for people who want to do without GAFAM services to actually do it. By pooling resources we can develop entirely free ecosystems so that militant folks worldwide don’t have to (entirely) betray their ideals in order to use the computer or the Internet.

Get the tech people you know to release their source code, and to operate radical and friendly communities. Get them to follow standards (or make up new ones) so that their services can interoperate with others and users don’t get trapped in walled gardens. Get them to organize on their workplace to defend their own interests and that of the users against the managers. Get them to unionize and maybe evolve into worker-owned/people-owned cooperatives… just like non-tech people.

With some secondhand hardware and an Internet access you can start your own servers. If you feel like that’s beyond your reach, you can join and help build a hosting cooperative. With a room and some hardware donations you can kick off a hackerspace so that more folks can learn about the dangers of computing and what digital emancipation can look like in practice, experiment and build new tools. Or build a non-profit Internet Service Provider like freifunk that offers free services for all and does not offer avenues for surveillance.

Get your militant circles involved in “digital self-defense” and “digital autonomy” concerns. Even better, get your non-militant geek friends to open their eyes and see this fucked up society for what it is. Get you and your surroundings organized to fight against injustice and oppression. Never give up, ever. And try not to reproduce unhealthy power structures along the way ;)

No state, no bosses, no owners and no borders. So that’s a very generic answer sorry about that if you have more precise questions i’d be happy to go into more details.

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