Dreeg Ocedam

To be honest the only thing that makes it noticeably faster than the official implementation is that it caches all the pages locally. Rust doesn’t really make a difference for something this simple.

However, it is great because it provides tab completion.


That’s a fair point. Though not needing network access during normal use, plus not requiring a Node runtime, are already compelling reasons to me.

[…] it provides tab completion.

That’s odd: it doesn’t on my end. I had to set up the completions myself.

For the fish shell you can do so with:

# ~/.config/fish/completions/tldr.fish
complete -c tldr -f -a "(tldr --list)"

The AUR package provides completions for me. I looked at the PKGBUILD and it seems to be that it provides tab completion for bash,fish and zsh.

not needing network access during normal use

Yeah that’s great too

not requiring a Node runtime

The one in the arch community repo is in python. But yeah, node sucks.


Ah, nice when the package maintainers do that for you! (I’m on Ubuntu LTS, so won’t be holding my breath for an APT package :P)

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