• @Shrike502@lemmygrad.ml
    241 year ago

    Murder three people with a rifle illegally brought across state lines? Walk away Scott free.

    Share some articles online? Locked up and suicided.

    Fuckin US.

  • Arthur BesseA
    131 year ago

    The tweet screenshot this post links to has the facts wrong: Swartz was charged and was facing a maximum sentence of 35 years, but had not yet actually been sentenced (or even tried). At the time of his death he had recently rejected a plea bargain offer, and prosecutor Carmen Ortiz (who is absolutely responsible for his death) had just rejected his counter offer.

  • @HiddenLayer5
    1 year ago

    Nerd pirates scientific papers: 35 years in federal prison

    Cop kills an entire family and their dog: One week paid leave

    Can we please stop living in a campy B-movie?

  • @mauveOkra@lemmygrad.ml
    71 year ago

    Is there more context to this? Like this sounds ridiculous even for the USA. I assume then that he was seeding the articles or otherwise widely distributing them? Not that I think that’s worth a death penalty…