Aiming for a 10 year life-cycle for smartphones


thank you so much for this episode! I didn’t know about spectrum project. Sounds really cool!

Similarly, I used to be a QubesOS user, however all issues you mentioned made me to start working on “lightweight version” of it. I used LXD (LXC) containers instead of hardware virtualization.

For now I manage those “additional functionalities” by using upstream projects (for instance by calling LXC from cli). To made experience smooth I started writing automation tools like parallel base updater. (Both scripts and GUI tools).

I’m curious how does it behave on alpine as a hostOS, especially on mobile devices (with phosh and wayland).

(In theory it should not be a problem as LXD and rootfs bases are also aarch64)

I called it Panixticon. It’s in alpha but I managed to use it as a daily driver.

If you got interested just send me an email ;)

Than you for creating PostmarketOS!


This looks really interesting, thanks for sharing!

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