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I do wonder though, why it costs double that of both the original PinePhone and also almost double a Pinebook Pro when it is essentially recycling most of the components from both…

This isn’t just a RK3399, it’s more a RK3399S (as they call it themselves): a RK3399 modified together with RockChip specifically for the PPP. There is quite a bit of work in making that happen. Also there is more RAM, way more and faster storage, a better back and front camera and a better wifi chip supporting 5Ghz wifi (the original PinePhone only supports 2.4Ghz). I’d say the price jump is justified.

*postmarketOS. Please don’t capitalize the m, it hurts my eyes 😅

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You get it exactly! Minetest is a cool project, but it’s a different game. It’s not the same, and it isn’t a replacement for Minecraft.

This client could replace all proprietary free minecraft clients and that way (much) more people could be aware of Free Software.

Yup! Who knows, maybe at some point millions of players will use this 😜

Because Minetest is not Minecraft. Minetest is a cool project, but it’s aims are different. I (and others) like Minecraft, we don’t want something different, we want Minecraft.

This actually has the potential to get a lot of Minecraft players over to a FOSS client, Minetest really does not as it’s just targeted at a different market.

Ever wanted Minecraft to be FOSS? I know I sure did, but of course Microsoft will never do that, so let us as the community create our own client! Together with Cuberite as the server you can have a completely FOSS Minecraft experience! …

Wow, the Volla Phone seriously doesn’t deserve a place in a top 3 of “the best”. The Volla Phone is just another downstream using device, and the fact that you can order it with Ubuntu Touch doesn’t change that. You’re depending on Halium, which is just one big hack.

The only phones worthy of being in such a list are the PinePhone and Librem 5, and probably some Android phones that got ported to mainline Linux. I can’t take anyone seriously that says the Volla Phone is “a good Linux smartphone”.

Ah, the company with the big blue guy mascot/logo. Sure they sell Linux laptops, honestly I never expected anything else. 3rd parties sell all kinds of stuff through them, so why not Linux laptops either?

Wake me up when the big consumer tech webshops start selling and actually promoting Linux-based systems.

Interesting that you think it’s on full parity with other distros because of the firewall, as I’m pretty sure no other PinePhone distro comes with a firewall configured.

That… Seems absolutely awful.

Funnily enough this distribution doesn’t use that port system.

Unrelated to your issue (@ollieparanoid@lemmy.ml gave a good answer there), I would recommend using the postmarketOS on your eMMC actually (after updating it of course).

The internal eMMC performs way better than the SDcard and will give you a significant performance boost.

Here there were also iDEAL

For non-Dutch people reading this, that is the main way of paying for things online in the Netherlands 😉

To begin with, GTK3 is far from ideal on these devices, and many applications have not migrated to GTK4 which does take advantage of the GPUs… more or less.

Luckily most phone interfaces available use Qt instead, like Plasma Mobile. I recommend checking it out 😉

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Sorry but I fail to see how this is relevant to postmarketOS honestly. It’s probably better to ask the authors of those apps those questions.

You can try online versions of these applications, but there are no native apps for it and I doubt there will be any anytime soon. It’s better to move to alternative services as the ones you are using now are proprietary, and hosted and owned by Google which is in general a shitty company.

Also, it’s “postmarketOS”, all lowercase except for “OS”.

Hmm, that device is actually really well supported and the modem should “just work” ™

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Uh, I don’t know which one that is? What’s the human readable name?

Completely agree, I dislike everybody switching to Signal (although it’s of course at least better than WhatsApp). Matrix is the final solution.

it is run by a for-profit company also with dodgy crypto-currency funding ;)

I mean, that is just not true. Matrix is “ran” by the Matrix.org foundation, which is a non-profit. The main developers are payed by Element Matrix Services which is indeed a for-profit company, but every spec change still has to be approved by the matrix.org foundation (which has multiple non-EMS members) and the main 2 server implementations (Synapse and Dendrite) fall under this organization rather than EMS.

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