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To begin with, GTK3 is far from ideal on these devices, and many applications have not migrated to GTK4 which does take advantage of the GPUs… more or less.

Luckily most phone interfaces available use Qt instead, like Plasma Mobile. I recommend checking it out 😉

Very cool! Remember to join us on Matrix if you need any help!

Sorry but I fail to see how this is relevant to postmarketOS honestly. It’s probably better to ask the authors of those apps those questions.

You can try online versions of these applications, but there are no native apps for it and I doubt there will be any anytime soon. It’s better to move to alternative services as the ones you are using now are proprietary, and hosted and owned by Google which is in general a shitty company.

Also, it’s “postmarketOS”, all lowercase except for “OS”.

Hmm, that device is actually really well supported and the modem should “just work” ™

Could you please join our Matrix chat so we can help you out more directly?


Uh, I don’t know which one that is? What’s the human readable name?

Completely agree, I dislike everybody switching to Signal (although it’s of course at least better than WhatsApp). Matrix is the final solution.

it is run by a for-profit company also with dodgy crypto-currency funding ;)

I mean, that is just not true. Matrix is “ran” by the Matrix.org foundation, which is a non-profit. The main developers are payed by Element Matrix Services which is indeed a for-profit company, but every spec change still has to be approved by the matrix.org foundation (which has multiple non-EMS members) and the main 2 server implementations (Synapse and Dendrite) fall under this organization rather than EMS.

My older Gaze10 doesn’t 😜 Luckily it did get a UEFI upgrade allowing me to disable Intel ME, so that’s cool.

Only newer models are supported by coreboot and even then not all of them. I recommend looking up each laptop you are interested in.

That sadly doesn’t help for me.

I’m planning on buying a new GPU anyway so hopefully once I manage to get one (the current GPU shortage is insane) I won’t have this issue anymore.

So post a HTTP link (via a Gemini proxy) instead and put the Gemini link in the body of the post instead. Now you just get people to not read the article instead.

I understand you want people to use Gemini, but this is not the way to do it. Also, I personally won’t ever use Gemini if it doesn’t even have support for some basic stuff like inline images 🤷

Yeah that is what I would expect as well. If I wanted to read the article I would now have to find a Gemini proxy myself, which, well, most people just aren’t going to do. So instead they just won’t read the article.

Why such a strange post rather than just posting the link to the article?

Although I agree VR is insane, my Valve Index is completely useless on Linux due to a SteamVR bug. Well, not completely useless, I can still use XRdesktop with it, but it’s completely useless for any game that requires SteamVR (so all of them). After years of not using Windows I had to reinstall it just for VR…

Note that on postmarketOS, we don’t support libhybris (anymore) and are instead actively working on porting as many devices as we can to use the mainline kernel. Our latest stable release (v21.03) actually has 7 Android devices running mainline kernels as can be seen here.

I don’t think this fits this community. With “Linux phones” most people mean “A Linux based system that is not Android”, and /e/ (horrible name btw) is just another Android ROM. It might be better than alternative Android ROM’s, but it’s still Android.

KDE’s default theme: Breeze. Just make sure the GTK equivalent is also installed, breeze-gtk.

Luckily it has more problems than just the cryptocurrency stuff:

  • a centralized service hosted in the USA (no, moving to Europe wouldn’t improve it much)
  • requires your phone number to use
  • developers actively work against 3rd party clients
  • server repository hasn’t been updated since April 2020 and the current live version is thus effectively proprietary

So don’t worry, there are still plenty of reasons to leave that shitty ecosystem behind!

Yes, Pure-Maps. Should be available on any distro you use.