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Yep, /etc/deviceinfo exists for all devices in postmarketOS. So if you want to do a quick hack, you can simply source the file in a shell script and add logic based on the codename defined there.

If you want a distro-agnostic solution, use the device-tree string, e.g.:

$ cat /proc/device-tree/compatible

This is what we use in megapixels for example.

Sorry to hear that.

Maybe that’s the problem? From pinephone faq:

In order to use the modem and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, you need to ensure the battery is inside the device and has a sufficient charge. Even when supplying the phone with enough power, the modem and Wi-Fi chip will not work without a connected battery. Further, double check that you have not put the SD card into the sim card slot, or vice versa.

If that’s not the problem, please create an issue here and fill out all information of the template: https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS/pmaports/-/issues

FWIW, I run pmOS edge on the pinephone with latest updates and calls work for me.

You might be able to use the online versions of these services (in a browser). I don’t use google apps so I’m just guessing.

(Now that answers which phone you are running ;) )

Issues should not be reported here in lemmy, but instead on gitlab / or in case of megapixels in the megapixels project.

With that being said, you don’t need to open an issue for this one. megapixels doesn’t run on anything but the pinephone and pinetab right now (but that is changing, e.g. the Purism folks have forked it to run on the Librem 5 and will probably upstream their patches at some point). There were also efforts to get them running on Samsung devices. If you really want to dig into it and are not afraid of hacking on the code, I suggest taking a look at the code. Otherwise you’ll need to wait until somebody makes it work with your device.

Some resources:

At least some of the apps you listed are already available, for example kdenlive (I cut my alpineconf video with kdenlive running on pmOS). Apps not available in the repos might be as flatpak at least, or you could consider packaging them yourself.

But I wonder why you would want to use them on a phone… (a powerful PC would be more suitable for blender, kdenlive e.g.).

Which phone is it?

postmarketOS // v21.03 service pack 1 release

Still getting my feed wet with lemmy… am I cross-posting right? :)…

Nobody answered yet, so best is probably to just try it out if you have the device. Let us know about the results, if you do!

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I’m surprised how many sites use that tag, this one line change surely was worth it :D