I found this video today and it reminded me of the cartons of milk we’d get all throughout K-12 in the US. Oh the lies we were told about milk and how it was “healthy”, never mind the fact that lots of students, especially non-white students, are lactose intolerant. Fuck them, though, their options are milk, chocolate milk, or one sip of juice (sugar) from a shitty carton. Even worse in the era of COVID-19 where water fountains are sometimes out of order in order to mitigate the spread of the virus. The connection that the US education system has with the dairy industry is fucking disgusting, so seeing that the DPRK (allegedly) promotes soy milk rather than cow’s milk is very exciting.


lmao, this is super bizarre

i thought this was satire at first, but after looking into the channel, whether this person has any connection to DPRK, the entire thing is presented dead serious :)

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