How good is the experience of running postmarketOS the regular Pine64 SOPINE module with the carrier board and the official touchscreen attachment? It has the same processor as the PinePhone, so can I expect a similar level of performance, and will things like the touchscreen work plug and play?


I don’t know much about this device to be honest. If it’s the same SoC then the performance will be the same indeed. I do not know how well peripherals will work however.


Nobody answered yet, so best is probably to just try it out if you have the device. Let us know about the results, if you do!


It’ll be one of the first things I’m trying when it arrives!

Please do not ask here if we could port your device. We won’t go and buy your device just to do the port. But you can try porting yourself, it is not that hard and we will help you wherever you get stuck in the chat. If that is not an option for you, consider sending a device to a community member who agrees to do the porting for you (check the milestones) or simply add it to the wish list.

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