Did YouTube block a chess channel over violation of community guideline and usage of racist language? Late last year, a YouTuber who produces popular chess videos found that his channel was blocked over charges of ‘harmful and dangerous’ content.

I get cracking down on slurs. But “black” and “white” are not, uh, slurs, in any capacity.


Automated AI system for checking content is prone for those kind of interpretation errors.

I mean, slurs are slurs regardless of context; it’s pretty cut and dry. Now, if we’re looking for racist statements, that’s a whole different animal, but slurs are very simple.


I feel like this was a while ago, I think they are also on lbry so no worries.


Once upon a time one of my Lemmy posts used the word “smartwatch”. Couldn’t post it. Repeatedly gave me the error “slur filter - twat”. Political correctness is fascism disguised as manners. - George Carlin

Did you complain? The devs here do listen to criticism, so it’s good to tell them about these problems, and pile on more evidence that having a list of taboo words creates more problems than it solves.


Evidently! Immediately posted about it and opened an issue.


Shit like that is genuinely annoying but what’s more annoying is what happens to internet communities that don’t enforce any content rules.


Are you referring to LE’s Longinus Spear pedo&terror?

Omg, you really think the Scunthorpe Problem is “political correctness”? What is it like to be you, I wonder?


Why hard code word bans then?


deleted by creator

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