This week, Emmanuel Macron’s higher education minister alarmed researchers and students by calling a formal investigation into the alleged “Islamo-leftist” atmosphere in France’s universities. The announced witch hunt is a worrying assault on critical inquiry — and shows the neoliberal government’s willingness to amplify baseless far-right talking points.


Interesting how it’s not “extremism” or “terrorism,” the suppression of both of which at least on paper are justifiable, but no, it’s “leftism”. Like, they’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

“witch hunt” are you pretending not to know Arabs funnel millions of petro dollars to universities to fund “diversity programmes” to fragment French society from within ?

Who funded what specific programmes and how the french State has been trying to destroy public services (including higher education) for the past decades is off-topic.

This is about state racism. Today’s critiques of islamo-leftism are yesterday’s critiques of judeo-bolshevism, that is the white nationalists and the industry owners preparing a new <insert crime against humanity here>.

France is one of the most racist countries on earth, and has greatly contributed to developing new forms of colonization and barbarism throughout the centuries. Specifically the racism against muslim folks (who according to europe-wide statistics are not the perpetrators but the victims of terrorism) is the subject of this article.

Feel free to submit another post to expose how foreign governments are funding diversity programs. Your theory about how “diversity” is “fragmenting society from within” though is somewhat disconnected from reality.



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