Lemmy Development Update 2021-02-05

We documented most of the work we did in this recent v0.9.4 Release, so that’s also copied here:


I fixed all the known problems with ActivityPub compliance, so that Lemmy should be fully in accordance to the standard now (unless we missed something). Note, this doesn’t mean that Lemmy can federate with other projects, because there are many different ways to do the same thing in ActivityPub. So it will be necessary to test with each project, and fix any remaining problems.

  • Fixed Activitypub outbox to contain activities, not objects
  • Make Lemmy specific apub fields optional
  • Removed some backwards compatibility code, for better compatibility with other projects


  • Fixed a critical bug w forms being cleared.
  • Fixed a critical bug with votes and comment unlike responses not being 0 for your user.
  • Fixed a critical bug with comment creation not checking if its parent comment is in the post.
  • Added some active user counts, including users_active_day, users_active_week, users_active_month, users_active_half_year to SiteAggregates and CommunityAggregates. (Also added to lemmy-ui)
  • Made sure banned users can’t follow.
  • Added FederatedInstances to SiteResponse, to show allowed and blocked instances. (Also added to lemmy-ui)
  • Added a MostComments sort for posts. (Also added to lemmy-ui)
  • Added a scroll position restore to lemmy-ui.
  • Reworked the combined inbox so incoming comments don’t wipe out your current form.
  • Fixed an updated bug on the user page.
  • Fixed cross-post titles and body getting clipped.
  • Fixing the post creation title height.

The user counting is so strange. Maybe should better to put a Statics label as the Modlog one. But this thing makes me think that Lemmy would be ad-friendly.


I think its useful to show how active a community has been, nothing to do with ads. Both on reddit and here, the subscriber counts are pretty unreliable, because many people might have subscribed a long time ago, but it still could be a dead community. These how much activity the community has had in the last day, week, etc.

Serge Tarkovski

Is there still anything not implemented regarding ActivityPub and federation with other Lemmies? Just curious, you’re doing awesome work anyway.


There’s still a few moderation-related things, like community bans not federating properly, but most things are working well.


It being hard to federate with other serveices is my main complaint about Activity Pub. There really should be a better way to make a home server that can interact with absolutely any other federated site.

In my opinion anyway.

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