US + Ukraine : “Nazism is very cool”

51 other countries: “Not gonna say its bad”

Everyone else: “What the fuck is wrong with you”

Pretty much.

Don’t forget that the US supports Nazis in Ukraine.

Really surprised and disappointed that Germany and Austria both abstained on the vote, considering that they both outright ban nazism in their legislation.


If anyone’s curious you can find the text of the resolution here:

Damn it’s pretty disappointing to see NZ on there

Why? Isn’t NZ also a settler colony and hence shit like this is expected?

Oh yeah, not to be unexpected in any way but still disappointing

You didn’t expect better from your countrymen? Usually being disappointed involves being let down somehow.

Well US is a special case but I don’t understand why rest of the white western countries can’t just say they don’t like fascism to at least look normal lmao.

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