BattleEye Removed Me From Rainbow Six...

I didn’t expect this, Ubisoft didn’t expect this, Clash Mains didn’t expect this. The absolute joke of software engineering known as Battleeye as begun to ta…

thanks for the invidious link!




Hmm i wonder about geforce now? Geforce now works on linux


Pretty sure this has been “allowed”, which makes zero sense because it’s essentially the same thing. Maybe they whitelist Nvidia’s IP’s? Idk. Still, to actually use Geforce now is not ideal. One it requires Nvidia, and Nvidia and Linux together is a pass for me, ontop of this ithere are privacy concerns to be had here with needing an account etc. Ontop of this, even if FOSS was a priority to you, personally I wouldn’t run a game with anti-cheat on my primary Linux machine, but I would be okay with hard drive swapping into a Linux machine that still ran all pretty much all FOSS software, but also had games on it. I’d take it anyday over needing Windows to play it. Especially because now most games work natively on Linux, it’s fucking stupid that we need to dual-boot or drive swap or have a dedicated machine specifically for one game if the user wants to play it.

Gaming on the GNU/Linux operating system.

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