Trying to hack some HTML and CSS. Are there anything like the above that can serve a local website to localhost, be built on Linux and refreshes the page when files are changed?

There is live-server on npm but I was hoping for something that is available in my distro’s package manager (or if it isn’t I can add it). Hugo has a serve mode that does exactly this but it is limited to hugo projects.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


There’s a useful VSCode extension that i use, dunno if it matches your use case


For autorefresh you could combine your server of choice with ENTR. Entr watches the files and reruns the command if anything changes.


Perhaps it’s a bit dated but there’s a nice list here:

Pro tip if you don’t want to npm install -g a package you can run npx live-server and it will download and run it right away without installing!

I use php -s and have that aliased to serve


This is very good but it doesn’t auto refresh sadly

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