trump isn’t a russian agent lmfao they nearly started ww3 back in 2017 over syria, trump was also super hard on Iran, noone thinks he’s an anti-imperialist.

Define leftist, support, and imperialism. If that happened, the internet would definitely be a wild place to be though, that’s for sure.

down daemon

i meant tankies but i didn’t wanna be so specific

Campist would probably be a better term - since ‘tankie’ implies there is at least an ideological commitment there.

Campism would group in the folks whose positions are entirely centered around much more nebulous and ideological fluid positions or around a ‘syncretic’ ‘blend’ that usually just ends up being traditionalism that orients itself as ‘anti-western’ only in-so-far as to oppose social progress. Like people who ‘critically support’ anti-communist movements as long as they are anti-western or globalist capitalist movements as long as they are sufficiently socially conservative.

anarkiddies have supported biden in the past lmao.

If trump said it, he would obviously be lying, he has done nothing material against imperialism, besides being nice to north korea for a bit because he was salivating over their aesthetic.

Most leftist have given up on the system by now. Republican or Democrat, Trump or Biden, it does make any difference.

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