I’m quite fond of communism, personally.

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FIFTY SEVEN??? Those cops are really making a great case for why that training center should absolutely never be built jfc. How long did those pigs spend shooting them? Even with an entire firing squad it must’ve taken a looong while to unload that many bullets… Literally just blasting a dead man out of spite

lol why is seldom the word that gets a hyperlink

Tbh I’m not that fussed about the fates of war criminals and Nazis either but I don’t trust any legal system to get a hit rate of 100%. Not to mention that the most humane methods of killing a person aren’t used because they’re ghoulish (inert gas suffocation, decapitation).

Arguments in favor of the death penalty often use extreme examples as justification but if you look at how the death penalty plays out in reality you’ll see that it’s never as simple as those hypotheticals. People are pretty shit at determining guilt.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t dialectics just the philosophy of change? I don’t understand what you mean by methodological materialism.

Dialectics = reality is always changing

Materialism = reality is stuff

Dialectical Materialism = reality is stuff that is always changing

I dunno what there is to argue about, this just seems unambiguously true to me. I’d argue that the natural sciences are actually the only places where diamat is applied in the west.

I admire that you’re getting yourself treated instead of isolating yourself into an addiction spiral. It takes a lot of determination to do that. I hope it helps you on your journey to sobriety! Take as long as you need, we’ll still be here when you get back 💚

Yeah and if they keep it up, their copyright might live past even the US government haha

Mickey when he finally enters the public domain next year

I hope so too but I know it’s gonna be just like the pope. Which is to say, they’ll replace the 1 guy and then everyone will act as if that solved everything.

I’m surprised there wasn’t one before but better late than never! You love to see cooperation between socialist states

If they do that, the people that believe in it will take it as further proof of a government cover-up. These are not reasonable people

People still do that though? I’m pretty sure it’s still the majority opinion among Americans at least that the war was caused by Russia wanting to gain power & then the US stepped in afterwards to help Ukraine.

Saying plainly that Ukraine is a proxy between America and Russia will get you called a conspiracy theorist by basically everyone.

That kinda seems like the opposite of what a teacher is for but I can respect letting students develop their own political consciousness. Or unconsciousness more like

I see what you mean and I agree, libs aren’t blank slates that can be taught about communism plainly. They need to first unlearn a lifetime of red scare propaganda before they’ll be receptive to a Marxist education. They’re not simply ignorant, they’re misinformed.

Presenting that theory to the class in a way that gives it any credence is still malpractice imo. I hope your professor rebuked it after he saw that his students supported it, even if not fully. Sorry about your racist classmates tho

It’s interesting how much jargon is being thrown around. Bilateral multilateral summit paradiplomacy neostatist Keynesianism… This class sounds like it’s just reading the dictionary hahaha.

Totally agree with you that the conditions of the global south can be fully explained by imperialism. It’s shocking that “modernization theory” was presented in your class as legitimate. That’s one step removed from teaching students that the White Man’s Burden is real jfc

Internet Archive Loses Lawsuit Over Book Lending
At the start of the pandemic when libraries were closed during lockdowns, the Internet Archive temporarily allowed users to loan books unrestricted (usually only a few people can check out a book at a time). Some book publishers took issue with this and sued them for mass copyright infringement and won. The Internet Archive is going to appeal the judgement. [Here's the statement from the archive team.](http://blog.archive.org/2023/03/25/the-fight-continues/)

Sometimes I wonder whether economists realize their job is to subjugate workers or if they’re really so deluded that they don’t see the connection between their policies and real-life suffering. Like, surely this guy doesn’t think of unemployment as just some variable on an equation that he needs to optimize, right?

Can’t believe the US has been occupying Germany since WWII. As always, America is being totally hypocritical by touting to liberate Taiwan and Ukraine despite their troops having annexed territory from nearly every country they’ve ever entered.

They still managed to bring it back around to how evil and oppressive they think China is… Baby steps, I guess.

In communist China the see see pee uses propaganda to brainwash its citizens

So much talk about China and Russia and whoever else using their tech to manipulate geopolitics meanwhile discord over here is literally doing a war

Oh no now she’s quotemining Engels. I hope this backfires on her because her base is definitely not supportive of Marxism.

Worse than no accountability, they’re out here doing the same shit again and again, everyone’s falling for it. Everyone in the western media bubble anyway.

Why does it say that India has coastal tide/wave potential? Am I reading that right

Well in that case the person you’re replying to will see your comment through their notifications, at least. If they have notifications turned on anyway

TIL about 127e. This article really didn’t hold back thanks for posting!

Do your comments disappear when you refresh the page? Do they add to the # of replies listed under a comment even if they’re not visible? Your account might be shadowbanned straight up

Interesting to hear how colonialism impacted these peoples differently. Thanks for sharing! I hope Indonesia continues to resist western imperialism

Is Indonesia like Latin America in that regard? As in, virtually everyone has indigenous ancestry, but relatively few people have maintained their precolonial customs, language, religion, etc

Yeah a lot of American politics revolves around begging politicians to do the thing they’re ostensibly there to do. It really makes the notion that we’re a democracy laughable.

Well I’m glad to be one of the senior members of Lemmygrad now 😇

Koalas and other endangered species are being driven to extinction right now by logging publicly owned forests. This video shows the desertification of the logging sites.

Reframing geopolitics from a Marxist perspective
A banger conversation where Radhika Desai challenges common narratives regarding world development communistly. She made a lot of interesting arguments and I took some notes that I'm gonna share here: - imperialism is when nationstates manage capitalism's contradictions at the expense of subordinate territories - once capitalism develops in one country, other countries are forced to either become subordinate (buy their excess commodities, surrender resources) or develop themselves (protectionist, state-directed industrialization) - maintaining unevenness is imperialism, resisting this underdevelopment is anti-imperialism - global development is not the spread of markets, not the rule of successive hegemonies, but the spread of multipolarity - golden age of capitalism was after WWII and was actually ruined by capitalism, not caused by it - - it came about from socialist policies that wringed monopolies: regulations, full employment, welfare, universal education, healthcare, price controls - - neoliberalism is the rolling back of these measures to protect capitalism, prevent further socialist development Highly recommend you guys listen in! This video made a lot of ideas click for me. [Btw here's a free link to her book](https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/oa-mono/10.4324/9781003200000/capitalism-coronavirus-war-radhika-desai)

Who shot JFK?
A hilarious overview of all the official and unofficial explanations of who was responsible for the JFK assassination. Very thorough and based.

guys I just found out about Special Drawing Rights
The IMF can literally conjure any amount of money out of thin air whenever they feel like it wtf how have I never heard about this And before you ask, yes, almost all money created goes straight into the coffers of western countries instead of to the global south

A discussion on the current and future impact of US sanctions
I know it's a really long video (play it at 2x speed) but I thought it was fantastic and the part from 25:33-27:17 was particularly insightful: "The impact of sanctions on Iran or Zimbabwe or Venezuela or Syria is something that those who may oppose western governments don't really ever discuss. So imagine if instead there was a NATO attack on Iran, you would have immediate clarity of what's happening. But the impact of sanctions on the Iranian people is not something that generates any sort of political mobilization in the core. Instead, actually, what it enables is a representation of imperialist states as humanitarian states." "It's not like you're bringing home people in body bags. It's not like people in the US see the outcome of sanctions because it's not like CNN is going to cover the fact that Iranians of dying of rare diseases because they can't access certain pharmaceutical medications that they aren't able to produce in their own country and can't buy because of sanctions. That's all out of sight out of mind ... you'll have almost no public backlash"

They straight up can't locate 61% of their assets, including weapons, planes, ships, and even buildings. In total, this amounts to several *TRILLIONS* of dollars since 1998 that are completely unaccounted for.

Dekulakization from the Soviet Perspective
The history of how the USSR got rid of kulaks as told from their own point of view

History of US Sanctions Against Zimbabwe
In these pressing times, the magnanimous United States has decided to celebrate the holiday season by imposing some new sanctions against Zimbabwe. This vid explains the long history of Zimbabwean debt to western powers. P.S. It's so difficult to find more information about this because literally no one is reporting on it. [This press release from the US Treasury](https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/jy1158) is all I got.

An insightful video assessing the origins of our modern western genders and why defining womanhood is such a contentious dispute. (this video is over 40 minutes long but it was so interesting I didn't even notice)

I just discovered this right now and I've never heard anyone mention it so I thought I'd share. For some reason, collapsed comments get expanded once they're offscreen though.

The war in Ukraine has caused a split recently among leftists and this video discusses the history of similar splits. It's very long, but the first 20 minutes are particularly relevant so I recommend watching through at least that much on 2x speed.

⚠️ Content warning for transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, and racism ⚠️ This video series is an investigation of the anti-trans "gender critical" cult. It details how they recruit people, abuse children, and manipulate the public. Apologies for the serious topic, but I think comrades here would appreciate Caelan's videos!

What’s the difference between Xism and X thought?
Like, Maoism/Mao Zedong thought or Dengism/Deng Xiaoping thought. This distinction seems to matter but I don't understand why.


What are the origins of the phrase “critical support”?
I see people talk about it a lot, but I can't find much information about who coined the phrase and what it actually means. It would be much appreciated if someone could post some theory on the subject!