• DessalinesA
    42 years ago

    jan lentan’s toki pona course: https://rnd.neocities.org/tokipona/

    I also made a public anki deck of all the phrases in those lessons.

    I wouldn’t say I’m fluent tho, we’re really lacking in toki pona audio and conversational resources.

    • ghost_laptopOPM
      42 years ago

      Where is your deck? I will check that web site, it looks nice.

      Regarding audio I don’t have issues since Spanish is my native language and its sounds are practically identical to it, but I do feel like I need to practice sentence creation more. I had learned all the words in a deck which were all the official ones but I didn’t managed to get a good grasp and now I’ve forgotten them.

    • @mossy
      1 year ago

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