Hello! I’m Mossy and I use they/them pronouns. I’m a developer, a toki pona speaker and a dungeon master


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I made mine in Inkscape through about a week of changing it until it was perfect. It’s a small person and has a subtle “M” for “Mossy” in it. It’s using the colour scheme I made for my personal projects (although it isn’t using many colours from said colour scheme lol)

I use GNOME and I write all my notes in markdown. I think that the thing that keeps me the most productive is my use of workspaces; something I picked up when I spent a year with I3 and BSPWM

I bought one! Hoping to make some videos on it when I get it; it looks really cool!

Oh yeah! That probably makes more sense 😅

MossytoGamingHow mature is GameHub?

I’d also love to replace the Steam client, but both Lutris and GameHub require it to be installed to work. Out of the two, I I’d go for Lutris. It has much more active development and has it’s install scripts feature. I also have a lot of games on and would love to ditch the Itch electron client. GameHub has Itch game support whilst Lutris is still planning on implementing it. The problem that I have with GameHub’s implementation is that the games library is refreshed every time I reopen the app, instead of just caching them and having a refresh button like what Lutris has. This means that I have to wait a good 40 seconds every time I open it to be able to access my library, and it’s still really slow to get game thumbnails. It also doesn’t have a flatpak, so it’s a pain to get on Fedora

Definitely GNOME. From my experience, it has by far the best touchscreen and gesture support from any mainstream DE

Definitely GNOME. From my experience, it has by far the best touchscreen and gesture support from any mainstream DE

I think that lots of Fediverse platforms already have some really good mascots.

Off the top of my head, there’s:

  • The PeerTube octopus
  • The Mastodon mastodon
  • The Mobizillion Fox
  • The Pleroma anime girl
  • The Lemmy mouse

Some platforms like Funkwhale have semi-official mascots as well. It shouldn’t be a requirement, but I think that’s it’s cool that these platforms have them and a racing/fighting game with all of them involved would be a lot of fun lol

Crypto-anything is a nope from me. Plus not giving the source code and not supporting decentralised standards makes it almost definitely not worth your time


I’ve also heard about Fosscord, but it doesn’t seem like it’s at it’s first release yet

What piece of upcoming hardware are you most excited for?

For me, it’d be a close one between the Steam Deck and the Pinephone Pro. Although, the thought of having a phone that runs GNOME sounds like a whole lot of fun, so I think that I’d have to give it to the Pinephone Pro…

It’s one of those things that varies a lot from person-to person. Maybe GNOME’s activity-oriented workflow suits you better, or maybe you prefer a task bar. The great thing about Linux is that we have these options!

I’m really not good at this thing, am I! From now on, I’ll try to clarify that stuff like this is CC BY-SA, I think that it’s the best way to go about doing this

I’m not trying to say that cryptocurrencies are not decentralized. Rather, that they are the commercialisation of decentralization. I agree with the fact that they aren’t directly comparable, but by having those cryptocurrencies there, they represent all the platforms built upon cryptocurrency, platforms like Odysee or Web 3. It may have been more apt to put those platforms’ logos in the image, but I chose not to.

I don’t know if Budgie is “more user-friendly” that GNOME, from my experience, I’ve found the opposite to be true. Although, Budgie is probably easier to adapt to if you are coming from Windows.

WriteFreely vs Plume

Hi everyone! I wanted to know what people thought of WriteFreely and Plume and which one you would recommend for a personal blog. Also, if you can, could you suggest some instances? From looking, I often come across instances with strangely little on their about page, and can’t work out who administ…

I've been commenting on r/antiwork and inviting people here

I’d like to say hello to those of you who have just joined! It’s great to have you here! I’m also working on an informational poster to post on r/antiwork and will be posting that here as well. I’d also encourage other members of this community to try and invite as many people as you can :)…