I just discovered lemmy and created an account on the web (because lemmur send me there). I can obviously login to lemmy.ml but not on lemmur. Is that a bug?

Edit: My account is appearantly “Mordor” and not “mordor” - even though I signed up as “mordor”. Web client handles this but not lemmy.


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Yeah so it is kind of related, see this comment

Sorry to bother you again, it took me some time to find this again on GitHub. This login bug I was experiencing was introduced when fixing this other login bug, you can see in that commit that eq was changed to ilike but now your new pull request reintroduces that old bug with the case-sensitiveness of the usernames during login. I think the solution to both bugs would be converting to uppercase before comparing with eq (and having a computed uppercased column indexed on the database). I don’t know enough Rust to propose code changes or send a pull request, I hope my description of the solution is good enough for someone more knowledgeable to write the code.

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