I feel like someone tooling with a secure messaging app makes it less…reliable that its secure, despite yanking google play parts out of the code. Thoughts?

  • Sr Estegosaurio
    63 years ago

    As far as I know, telegram at the end is mostly the same garbage as Whatsapp. Let me explain: Telegram has a ton of major issues (or at least they are serious problems from mi POV)

    • NOT E2EE by default. In order to make E2EE chats you must create a “secret chat” that is only accessible via smartphone (forget about E2EE on pc or even sync it mith other devices). And I’m not sure about this but I believe that there isn’t any way of doing E2EE calls or video calls.

    • Is just “another” CENTRALIZED SILO. Lacks any form of federation an depends on a non-free servers. (More on that later).

    • You need to give a phone number in order of being able to use the service. Any comments about this, just sucks. (Yeah you can use some throw away phone number but that isn’t my point)

    • Telegram ISN’T FOSS. Okey their clients are FOSS (or at least they have a FOSS version) but their servers (as mentioned above) are just proprietary crap. I will not trust any kind of proprietary garbage. So telegram is FAR from being FOSS.

    At the end you just got a fancier version of Whatsapp (don’t get my wrong, both are cringy) because yes, compared to WhatsApp in terms of “features” it’s prettier and have some cool ideas. But at least WhatsApp IS EE2E. It stills has a freaking ton of problems, but at least your comms are encripted, not like telegram.

    For something important I (or what ever else, seriously is just the same crap but not ee2e) WON’T USE TELEGRAM. Matrix exists, ye, it has a serious problem with metadata.

    But if you want bulletproof comms you always can use Briar or Jami. :)

    • @0x90
      2 years ago

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      • Sr Estegosaurio
        13 years ago

        Jami is aviable afaik from the repos of various distros, from the F-Droid store and from their website.