There are big wishes for Signal to adopt the perfectly working Flatpak.

This will make Signal show up in the verified subsection of Flathub, it will improve trust, allow a central place for bug reports and support and ease maintenance.

Flatpak works on pretty much all Distros, including the ones covered by their current “Linux = Ubuntu” .deb repo.

To make a good decision, we need to have some statistics about who uses which package.

  • @zwekihoyy
    92 months ago

    those were some bullshit bullet points lmao

    • lemmyvore
      32 months ago

      They’re actually very good points.

      The problem is that all the suggested alternatives are unworkable for adoption by the general public (they require stuff like Tor, self-hosting etc.)

      • @zwekihoyy
        22 months ago

        one of the points is cia funding. they are bullshit