In anticipation of Lemmy’s upcoming 0.19 release, and to work out any final issues, we’re going to deploy a test release on within the next few days.

We’re doing this testing on only, so that we can encounter any issues before the release, and to make sure the upgrade process is smooth for other production servers.

Some of the following will happen during the process:

  • Apps will likely break (only for
  • may experience some downtime for the upgrade to complete (ideally no more than an hour).
  • If anything goes wrong, we may have to restore from a database backup, meaning content made in between backups may be lost.

If all goes well, we’ll have an official announcement for the release after this testing period.

I apologize for the difficulties this might cause. At most this will be a week of hair-pulling, but its vital that we catch any issues before telling other servers to upgrade.

  • DessalinesOPMA
    633 months ago

    haha, we appreciate the patience. We’re not a massive company with teams of people, just a couple of FOSS programmers.

    • 𝘋𝘪𝘳𝘬
      143 months ago

      This is why this instance is so well. Thank you for all the hard work in reliberating the web!

    • @Wes_Dev
      33 months ago

      Thanks everyone for the server and service. It’s appreciated. If I wasn’t broke and jobless at the moment, I’d be happy to kick over some monthly money on Patreon or Kofi or whatever people are using these days.

    • Joliflower
      03 months ago

      Start monetizing with features and donations. Being Foss doesn’t exclude this