We removed some words from the slur filter a while ago to decrease the chance for false positives, and simplify it. You can find the PR on github.

Should also make us think how many and which words should be put in the filter. This stuff is hard with so many slurs with varying degree.


Agreed, it would be good to have a discussion on this topic. Note that we have two different slur filters now, one hardcoded in Lemmy, and one in the config file which can be changed by the instance admin.

Oh it had been removed from the Slur Filter? TBH where I come from, That Word is very mild, very normal in conversation. But I guess people use words differently in different cultures. It must be painful to try to make a list which is appropriate for an international userbase. It might even be impossible.

Last time we had this debate, someone had a very good idea -

Using tags. You can have a tag like “controversial” or “free-speech” or whatever. People who don’t like hearing those words will never see those posts.

IMO this is the only way to solve it. So the Danish speakers and the people who get emotional about atrocities, and everyone else, they can co-exist.

Someone buy that the user who thought of it a beer.

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