Android Kernel - Please, help.

Hello everyone.

So, I have a boot.img from my Android ROM, and the prebuilt boot.img from pmOS.

I’d like to build a boot.img with my Android Kernel, but I didn’t figure out how.

So, either someone post a step by step guide here, or build it for me (I’d mail my boot.img, and I’d give some money in this case).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Regards =)


I don’t need to recompile, not AFAIK

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Please do not ask here if we could port your device. We won’t go and buy your device just to do the port. But you can try porting yourself, it is not that hard and we will help you wherever you get stuck in the chat. If that is not an option for you, consider sending a device to a community member who agrees to do the porting for you (check the milestones) or simply add it to the wish list.

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