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And I forgot: my device is a SM-A500FU, or Samsung Galaxy A5 2015

I don’t need to recompile, not AFAIK

Android Kernel - Please, help.
Hello everyone. So, I have a boot.img from my Android ROM, and the prebuilt boot.img from pmOS. I'd like to build a boot.img with my Android Kernel, but I didn't figure out how. So, either someone post a step by step guide here, or build it for me (I'd mail my boot.img, and I'd give some money in this case). Thanks in advance for any help. Regards =)

Google Photo and YouTube login via App
Hello everyone. Please, how can I login to: - My YouTube account with FreeTube - My Google Photo account with ShotWell Thanks in advance for any help. Regards.

This is solved already:

  • Google Drive, use Dolphin and you can browse it as remote folder
  • Documents, Sheets and Presentations, use LibreOffice and setup a remote Google folder
  • YouTube, install TarTube
  • Keep, no solution yet

Thanks anyhow.

Thanks for your help. Installing LibreOffice from FlatPak, I’ve been able to add the Google remote service, so now I can edit Documents, Sheets and Presentations with it. I’m still missing Keep and Photo, but ok, I’ll use web version. Regards.

It’s a SM-A500FU, Samsung Galaxy A5 2015

how did you made KDENlive to run? Please, tell me.

Edit: May be you installed Plasma? I’m using Phosh

Automatic device switching when plugging earphone
Hello everyone. Is it possible to automatically switch recording/playing device (in sound settings) when plugging an earphone to the smartphone? If so, how? Thanks in advance for any help.

It’s the Samsung Galaxy A5 2015

Sorry, I forgot to write my phone model. It’s a SM-A500FU, with Phosh, flashed with .img with modem in the name

Please, help me find Apps
Hello everyone. I'm missing some Apps in PostMarketOS, namely: - ASCII Art Maker (convert image to ASCII Art) - MIDI Player - Project management (Mainly Gantt Diagram) - Frontend to RecordMyDesktop - WYSIWYG HTML Editor - Turntable - Kindle reader Note I already have them all in Android, but I'd like to switch to PMOS, that's why I bought a compatible phone and installed Phosh on. Thanks in advance for any help, regards.