I made a post on r/ukulele where I seek help finding vegan friendly ukuleles. Instant-down-vote because of the V-word hindering it being discovered by those interested. It’s not offensive, I specifically ask to keep discussions on veganism out of it and I stayed polite about the topic - I think? Mind you this is not the worst case of instant-down-vote of non-controversial or non-offensive honest posts on Reddit. It’s the hive-mind-tribe thing of Reddit doing it’s thing as usual.

What if down votes had reduced “power” or impact/value. Up-votes are a full point and down-votes are .5 or .75 of a point in order to prevent instant-reptile-brain-knee-jerk down-voting because of a small difference in opinion or world view. So that there have to be two people down-voting for one integer point to count.

What do you folks think?

  • DessalinesA
    93 years ago

    I’m personally not a fan of arbitrary weights for up vs downvotes. If downvotes do bother anyone, there’s a setting to hide scores now.

    • @pancake
      43 years ago

      I’m also not for changing up/down vote weights. Still, there is the problem with the first very few of them to a post having too much decision power over it, which I can’t think of a satisfactory way to tackle…

      • @nutomicMA
        183 years ago

        I dont think this is a problem with downvotes in general, but just that early downvote having such a large effect. The post gets hidden, and people who would upvote it dont even see it. Maybe it would help if downvotes (or all votes) only take effect after an hour?

        • @linkertOP
          3 years ago

          That’s very interesting, if not just as a trial for a period followed by evaluation?