• m-p{3}
    11 months ago

    They could have, by making third-party apps access available through Reddit Premium as a monetization path without destroying the developers, but they decided to Digg their own grave instead.

    • @abraxas
      811 months ago

      The problem is that Lemmy isn’t as well-established as Reddit was when Digg died. There’s as much of a risk that reddit will just leave a vacuum and it’ll get filled… by people doing whatever Reddit demands of them. And Reddit is doing less-horrific stuff than Digg did, if only slightly.

      This is sorta how it went with Facebook. I would love to see lemmy or another alternative win, but it might be difficult to dethrone reddit.

      I’m in a panic because I hate reddit official and I use RiF exclusively. But I might not have any option but to learn to suffer through reddit offiical.

      • pitninja
        211 months ago

        Ultimately, it comes down to what communities you can either stand to live without and or actively work to build an alternative here. If you’re happy here, it doesn’t really matter what’s going on over there.

    • Γ7Σ
      411 months ago

      That would also have been a good solution.