I can’t form a response if all you’re going to do is link me to that document yet again without even saying how it contradicts me. Was it encirclement? That can’t be, because the document doesn’t address that. Was it weakening Russia? The document is focused on that, but I straight out said that the US is trying to weaken Russia. So what is it that I’m supposedly lying about?

☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆

We have had this exact discussion many times on this site. I have provided you with detailed explanations and numerous references from western media and western researches explaining how and why US created the conditions for the war. The RAND paper I linked earlier clearly details the motivation and the methods US would use to provoke Russia into war in Ukraine.

Yet, despite all this, you continue insisting that Russia invaded Ukraine unprovoked and that US had no role in creating this conflict. What you are supposed to do is educate yourself on this subject or avoid spreading misinformation.

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