• d-RLY?
    2 years ago

    I agree that Mozilla could be of better help to other Fediverse programs. Like they should use something that would be easy for them to change over their blog posts or other long-form items (Friendica or Hubzilla). Mastodon is fine and all, but aside from the stuff already stated it would be nice to see them be a “safe” starting point for people. I could see them easily making use of Pixelfed or even PeerTube (PeerTube especially could make good use of having big names to get normies curious enough to try). Though if they want to stick with microblog stuff, I have liked the more interesting layouts that Pleroma and Misskey/Foundkey can have. I can only guess they are picking Mastodon because they think it is less confusing to people that have been hearing about it because of the Twitter stuff. Even if they don’t try the other options any time soon. They could maybe help or release extensions that help with Fediverse related stuff. If they do extensions then it doesn’t add bloat to Firefox for those that don’t use or care about it. Would like to avoid another Pocket situation. lol