a CLI inventory for your files

Hi everyone! This is my first post on Lemmy and it’s to showcase a little project I’ve been working on lately which is my first public project made in Rust.

It’s a file management tool called Vento, which allows you to move files as if you’re playing a text adventure. It’s based on an original concept made by a friend of mine on Bash. It consists of three comands: vento, take and drop. I’ve recorded a demo on Asciinema to showcase its functionality.


The project is available to install through Cargo and the source code is hosted on Codeberg. I’m open to suggestions!


Well, now. This is an amazing and fun idea. I can easily see myself warming to this concept given some time. Now I need to do research on what are the current approaches to using the concept of inventories and how it could improve my workflow. Vento seems like a good start to me. Cheers.

Rust Programming
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